Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It has happened.  The birthdays are over.  I turned 37 on Monday and Spencer turned 9 on Tuesday.  I will blog about those days soon, but first, a recap of last week.

Spencer had early release from school (and Elliott didn't have school) last Wednesday for parent/teacher conferences.  As soon as Spencer got home I took them out for lunch.  I am getting ever so slightly sick of TC Eggingtons, so we went to a new to us place: Crackers and Co Cafe.  It's a new favorite.

Elliott wanted to take my picture while I paid the bill. 

The waitress saw and then offered to take a group picture. 
After lunch we headed to the Museum of Natural History.  We hadn't been since the first week of summer vacation. 

Humpty still looks the same across the street. 

The place was EMPTY.  It was so nice.

Both kids love running through the mammoth cave.

We were the only people panning for gold.  I made them stop after five minutes because I nearly died in the heat. 

The dinosaur play room was much cooler.  I let them stay in there for a long time.  Elliott became friends with a little girl and they played together very well.  Both the little girl and her grandfather were disappointed when we had to leave. 

I worked on Thursday.  I think I have six or seven therapy sessions all back to back that day.  It's brutal.  But my Tuesdays are lovely. 

Anyway, I played Pizza Mania with some of the kids.  It made me hungry.
On Friday afternoon my mom, my aunt Kathy and I drove to Kingman so we could visit my cousin the next day.  I wasn't sure I had mentioned before that I have a cousin in prison but I went back and checked my blog archives, and I did mention it.  In late November 2015.  Just in case you want to reference it. 

We took a pit stop close to the Joshua Tree Parkway.  The Joshua Tree National Park is in California, but Arizona has a ton of Joshua trees on this little stretch known as the parkway.

I think they are hideous.

Is it funny to take these pictures on the way to a prison?

Out to dinner in the bustling metropolis of Kingman.

My dad was staying with Michael and the kids at our house and Michael texted me to tell me my dad was watching Blue Bloods because it's an ongoing inside joke that my dad watches that show.  I texted Michael a picture of what we were watching in the hotel room.

Is it a generational thing?
There are no pictures from the prison on Saturday because no phones or cameras are allowed.  

I will show you what I was wearing when I was asked to leave and return in different clothes because my shirt was inappropriate. 
Yeah.  Look at this slutty number.  Can you believe I tried to flaunt my.........neck?  Is that what was offensive?
My mom had to change two times because two of her shirts were deemed inappropriate.  I ended up getting in when I changed into a t-shirt that I SLEPT IN the night before.

Back at home on Saturday night Ginger got an ear massage from grandpa. 

And finally, on Sunday, Spencer and I got to open our presents from my parents a wee bit early. 

Up next:  birthdays and all the hoopla surrounding them. 

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