Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That week I was a nature photographer and interior decorator

Last week was the third week of school.  We're definitely into the groove now and I've even acclimated to my Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  It's funny to me that I did a Tue/Thurs schedule for so many years and then did the Thurs/Fri for two years but in those two years I got very comfortable with the two days in a row.  It was kind of rough going back to the old schedule.  Mostly, I think, because Tuesday comes as a rude awakening when I have to go to work instead of having two more days off.

Anyway.  Last Sunday the 7th we said goodbye to Nathan, Kendra and Bella.  They flew back to Florida.  Then we drove home from Tucson.

Ginger was curious as we unpacked.  I think she was waiting for treats out of the pantry

On Monday the 8th I had the kids play in their rooms so I could get something done without them fighting.  I probably just wanted to make dinner without WWIII in the background. 

Elliott took it upon himself to make some beautiful art while alone in his room.

On the wall.

And the door.

And the other side of the door.
The kids wanted to swim on Tuesday the 9th after dinner.  Parents didn't want to go in, but I did agree to sit in the heat and watch them while Michael did dishes. 
Spencer wanted pictures of them jumping in.  That was when I realized the Texas Ranger bushes flanking the diving board were totally and completely gorgeous.  We usually don't let them grow so big, but I'm glad we did because the flowers are just lovely.

It was dark when I took these pictures and the flash washed out the color.  It's still pretty though.

On Wednesday the 10th, Elliott and I went to Walmart.  We saw that the Spirit Store across the parking lot is getting ready to presumably open next month. 

Wednesday was school picture day.  We ordered the $15 package.
Poor Ginger is really getting very deaf.  This is where I find her about half of the time we come home because she can't hear the garage door.  Poor dog just lies on the couch and waits for us to come home with her head through the shutters.

Mom?  Is that you?

I bought this pitcher and butter dish on Wednesday.  A totally unnecessary necessity.

And look at the vegetable pie I made for dinner that night.  It was amazing.  

I took more pictures of the bushes in better daylight.

While I was out there I noticed the sun and the clouds were looking pretty cool. 

Thursday the 11th were Spencer's school pictures.  We haven't ordered his pictures yet because unlike Elliott's school, the company that Spencer's school uses lets you see your proofs first before ordering. 
Ginger sleeps in our bedroom all night but usually gets up around 6:00 am and leaves.  She often goes to Spencer's room.   This is where I found her on Friday the 12th.  And suggestions for getting Spencer to clean his room up?

Friday afternoon after I took Elliott to school.  Guess where Ginger was?

Oh, hello.  When did you get here?

On Saturday I was sitting at the computer (like I am right now!) and looked over at the fireplace mantel.  I decided to paint it copper.  We've had the paint for over a year.  It just felt like the right time. 

I love it!
This is what Michael said: "I like the red better."
This is what Spencer said: "I mean, I guess it's OK."
This is what Elliott said, "You should paint it green.  You should paint the whole house green. "

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Cat said...

Look at you, professional photographer! Also, have you painted the house green yet? lol