Monday, August 22, 2016

Slow times when mom's sick

We have had several weeks of straight up boring life.  It's been a very welcome change of pace.  I have a feeling that things will really pick up as we get into September.  It'll be birthdays, get-togethers, fall break and straight on through to the holidays.   I was also sick all of last week which helps to explain some of the very slow pace.  It really took me down hard and I didn't start feeling better until around day 9.  Blah. 

Last Sunday (the 14th) Spencer went to a 6 hour birthday party for his friend Julian.  Julian's mom texted me these pictures. 

While he was gone we tried to have a fun "only child" day for Elliott.

We took him out to lunch at Mod Pizza (his pick) and then he got to play video games with daddy.

Then out for frozen yogurt,

touring some model homes,

(we didn't like the blue island)

(we very much liked this art)

(and we were impressed with this "playroom" under the stairs)
and a trip to Costco. 

Our neighbor does samples at Costco on Sundays and she got Elliott an entire ice cream sandwich from one of her fellow sample givers. 

On Monday I caught poor, deaf Ginger on the couch again. 

Moooooooooooooooom!  I didn't hear you! 
Then we took the kids to dinner at Fudrucker's to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of us getting engaged.  I will seriously capitalize on anything and everything I can to not make dinner.  We had been slowly collecting all of the Secret Life of Pets beanie babies and the kids wanted them in the picture.  We were just missing Gidget at this point. 
When we got home later Ginger was waiting patiently by the pantry for some snacks. She knows exactly where we keep them. 
I went to work on Tuesday.  It was also the day we called for a bulk pick up and finally got rid of this table that Megan gave us years ago.  It's been out in the elements and was in very poor condition. 

We also said bye bye to the porch swing. 
Michael took Elliott to open gym and took his monthly picture there.

4 years 8 months

That night, after dinner, Michael and Elliott went out for ice cream and to the store for milk. Spencer and I braved Tempe Marketplace the week that ASU students came back to look for a dress at Charming Charlies for me (successful), a stuffed animal Gidget at Michael's (success- it was the 4th Michael's we tried for Gidget) and some video game thing for Spencer at Game Stop (success).

Spencer took this moon picture from the car.
See.  Very, very boring.  The next post will be too.  And probably the one after.  But the one after that will have two back to back parties, so that might be a bit lively. 

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Cat said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. But as it is months later, I hope you are well!