Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From a snake to a dragon

Last Thursday I was walking through the school office on my way to the bathroom when I overheard the front desk clerk mention to facilities that there was a snake on the stairs outside of the cafeteria.  You know, right by where I was about to walk to go get kids. 

My phone has a really good zoom.

The rest of the work day was rather uneventful in comparison. 

On Friday I took the kids to the mall after Spencer got home from school because you could get a free smoothie from Jamba Juice with school employee ID.  I'm not actually a school employee because I have my own company and contract with them, but I do have ID, so free smoothie time. 

Michael came home from work late that day because he was over at Lauren's house with Shireen's husband, Joseph, and Maryellen's husband, John, doing some home safety modifications for Lauren.  Not wanting to be stuck at home with two kids on Friday evening, we went to Costco. 

Elliott was tired after a long day.

Ginger was not happy about our evening absence. 

We had a mostly lazy day around the house on Saturday.  I went to lunch with Lauren.  We did a photo shoot with the finally complete collection of The Secret Life of Pets animals.   Gidget was surprisingly hard to find.
Michael went over to John and Maryellen's house on Saturday evening to watch some sort of pay per view fighting.  So Maryellen came and met me and the kids at the movies.  We saw the new Pete's Dragon. 
It was phenomenal.  It was way beyond Elliott's interest level, but the rest of us loved it. 

I even went as far as looking at Amazon for the soundtrack.  I haven't been interested in a soundtrack in probably 12 years. 
I like this picture because none of us are looking at the camera and none of us are even looking in the same direction.

Oh, and yes, Elliott did wear his Luigi Halloween costume to the movies. 

And to dinner at Red Robin after. 

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