Wednesday, August 10, 2016

From monkey bread to American flags

If you remember the end of my last blog post, we were spending the night in Tucson after my parent's anniversary party.  Everyone, except Michael (who was regretting all of his drinking choices from the night before), got up for a lovely Sunday brunch the next day.

I made monkey bread.
Before we left town we finally watched the TV interview that Laura did months ago that I made my parents record.  They got a new DVR and needed me to watch this before switching to the new one. 
We drove home on Sunday afternoon (this was a whole week ago Sunday- July 31st to be exact) and I took pictures of the 4th of July stuff before I packed it up for the year.

Elliott had an occupational therapy evaluation with Mr. Chad the next day and I had recently made a bunch of scrubby soap bars, so we got one ready as a gift for him. 

Monday was the actual evaluation, but I didn't take a single picture.  It was a lot of talking between me and Chad so there really wan't much to photograph.  Elliott is not going to start going to OT again, Chad was just giving us some ideas about sensory processing activities.

I did capture the mileage as we exited the freeway and sat at a red light. 

On Monday afternoon Ginger was a bum and couldn't even lie on the couch correctly.

Tuesday I worked.  I got a notification that I had a new pinterest follower.  It put me at 899.  I've been anticipating 900 for quite some time. 
On Wednesday both of the kids were at school and I was washing dishes while watching this bird strut around the backyard eating stuff out of the grass.
I am not kidding when I tell you he tripped, totally biffed it and ended up on his face with his wings flapping all around trying to get back up.   Once he was upright he actually looked around to see if there were witnesses before he flew off.  He came back like two minutes later probably assuming that anyone who had seen him had forgotten already.
As part of his new OT home program we're doing brushing and joint compression with Elliott.  Ginger peed on the floor on Tuesday night (because it was raining outside and she's a delicate princess) so on Wednesday Elliott grabbed her leg and told her he was going to do her joints so she could make better choices. 

Thursday was national chocolate chip cookie day.  I made sugar and white flour filled ones for my family and no sugar ones for myself that were mostly homemade walnut and cashew butter and were phenomenal. 

On Friday I hit 900 followers on pinterest.  I am stupidly proud of it. 

We also drove back to Tucson on Friday.  Ugh.  Two weekends in a row. 

At least the Tucson sunset was glorious. 

It reflected off my parent's gate and was really beautiful. 
My brother, sister-in-law and niece were visiting from Florida.  We had been watching the Olympic opening ceremony upstairs, but then Bella needed to go to bed and the TV was too close to the guest room so we went down to the basement.

We took the parade of countries very seriously. 

Even if we were watching it on a TV that was pretty much too small to even call a TV these days.   My parents have a huge TV upstairs in the living room.  I'll bet you the US looked glorious on it.

My dad and Spencer made up for the TV size with this flag. 


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Cat said...

How did I not know about chocolate chip cookie day? Today was national pumpkin day so one of my co-workers and I brought a bunch of pumpkin treats to work today for our co-workers. Love monkey bread and love your decorations. I too enjoyed the Parade of Nations, but I did not have a flag with me so applause to your patriotism.