Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to life, back to reality

Both kids went back to school last Monday, July 25th.  They will be out for fall break the first two week of October so we have a long, nine week stretch of normalcy ahead of us. 

Elliott is going to afternoon preschool this year, but we still took his pictures at the same time as Spencer. 

Year #1 with the new bench. 

The shorts were way too big, but I had to make sure they will still fit in May.  They are rolled at the waist here. 
We decided to get a new backpack for preschool.  His old Snoopy backpack is in fine condition so he's going to keep using it for his one day a week daycare.

It was not sunny in his face at all but Spencer cannot handle outside pictures in anything but the dead of night. 

Hands in the pockets was his idea.

I had to work that day (my first day working on the first day of school ever) so Michael stayed home and got the kids to school. Spencer was in room 4 for kindergarten, room 8 for 1st grade and room 12 for 2nd grade so we were really hoping he would be in room 16 for 3rd grade.  But no.  He's in room 19.
Which is actually kind of cool, because so is Elliott.  In case you forgot they are at different schools, which makes this possible. 
After I got home from work that day we went out to dinner.  This is a little tradition we started when Spencer was in kindergarten. 

I think we'll continue it for the next 13 years until Elliott goes to college.  And maybe even then, depending on where he enrolls. 

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