Thursday, August 4, 2016

A slow start to the school year

We had a nice, boring week for the first week back to work (me) and school (kids).  I could really probably even skip this post because so little happened, but that would be wrong. 

I have been looking for a book in our house since Christmas.  It's called Hester in the Wild and my aunt and uncle gave it to me when I was a baby.  I had it hidden from the kids because it's out of print and costs hundreds of dollars to buy a new copy and I was afraid they would destroy it.  Well, apparently I hid it a bit too well. After seven months of looking it's still missing.

Last week I decided to look on the very top shelf in Spencer's closet.  It's so high I can't see up there so I ran my hand along the shelf to feel for it.  No book, but I did find this picture.
It turns out he's the much younger version of the guy we bought this house from.  I didn't know what to do with it so I hung it on the refrigerator. 
On Wednesday I finished staining this lazy susan.  I used the leftover stain from doing the upper kitchen cabinets. 

I think it's cute.
Also on Wednesday our friends Kara and Mike came over for dinner with their girls Kaitlin and Rachael.  They live in Reno but usually visit once a year.

It was two days before Rachael's third birthday and I just happened to have a 3 candle. 

I like that the candle is more than double the size of the cupcake.

We ate dinner, went swimming, had dessert and before they left I wanted to get pictures of the kids.  The big kids did great.

The little kids, not so much. 
I worked on Thursday and even less than the rest of the week happened.

On Friday Elliott and Ginger had a lazy start to the day while I worked out. 

Then Elliott and I went out to spend some sweet, sweet coupons for pretty much free stuff.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where I took this picture.  I have no clue. We went to Charming Charlies and Bath and Body Works.  It has to be one of those places, but it doesn't look like either. 

On Friday night Spencer turned into a cranky old man and posted this sign on his door. 

He didn't say a word about doing it and I burst into laughter when I walked by it. 
The next post will be much more entertaining.   Promise.  

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