Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Theatre and swimming and work, work, work

The title sums up the events of last week perfectly.

It had been a while since we took the kids on individual outings, so last Sunday, the 26th we had a joint lunch at TC Eggingtons and then split up.

These kids went to the mall and then back home to watch Finding Nemo.

And these kids went to the theatre at the Mesa Arts Center.
We had heard about the musical Snow White and Rose Red because Elliott's former OT's son was in it.  The tickets were cheap and it got good reviews so we said let's do it.
I knew that Chad was coming to the show that day. When Chad and Erin got there I could tell they were looking all around for me and Spencer, but despite us being only a few rows back they couldn't locate us.  So I took this picture and messaged him with "I see you"!  Then Spencer and I just laughed and laughed and laughed.  Especially because they still couldn't find us. 
The show was fantastic.  After it was done Spencer got an ice cream (his 2nd grade teacher mailed him a coupon for a free cone for being such a wonderful student) from Culvers,

and I got an iced coffee from Starbucks, where this atrocity happened. 

The next day, on Monday the 27th, Shireen and her kids, Amy and her kids and Maryellen joined us for a day in the pool.   Just like I hadn't seen Amy in 3.5 years, we hadn't seen her boys, Jake and Trenton either.  Jake was 2 when they moved and Trenton was 9 months.

We got a group shot in the pool,

but we were missing these little buddies.

So we tried again.

Ginger did some sun bathing.

The kids watched a movie after swimming.

I worked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week.  They were my last work days until July 22nd.   I was sitting in my office when a bug bit me on the back of neck.  I was too lazy to walk all the way to the bathroom to see how bad it was, so I tried to take a picture.

With hilarious results.

Each attempt just got worse.

I barely even got my head in this one.
My office is being moved for next year.  I had to be out of my current office on Thursday, but I don't know yet where I'm going.   So I took a bunch of pictures and moved everything into my supervisor's office.

His office was nice and spacious before I moved in.



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