Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The end of summer vacation 2016

Last week was boring.  Very, very boring.  It was the perfect way to end summer vacation.  

We never left the house on Monday and I never took a single picture.  I'm pretty sure I did a ton of laundry.

On Tuesday Spencer had a friend over and I spent the whole day contemplating jumping off a cliff to get away from the fighting.  Brother-brother fighting, friend-brother fighting and friend-friend fighting, although they both deny it.  

I did get a picture of Ginger.  At least she was happy. 

On Wednesday I baked cookies for meet the teacher night.

On Thursday Spencer and I went into Kirkland's to just casually look around and I ended up buying this bench that I was absolutely not planning on buying. 

It was such a good price.

I got two cushions to go on it. 
Thursday evening was Meet the Teacher night.  We had to go to two different schools and had to park on the street and walk at both. It was the kind of crazy hot that gives you shivers and I thought we were going to die.

Elliott is doing his second year of preschool with the same teacher as last year.

It's our fourth year total with her and I feel like we're best friends at this point. 

Spencer is in third grade.  What?  That's like real school. 
I went back to work on Friday.  My office is being moved, actually into the room that used to be my office.  It's a downgrade compared to where I've been for the last two years, but at least I already know how to make it work.  This was mid-arranging. 
While I was at work Michael assembled the new bench.

Bye bye old bench that was left by the previous home owners. 

Hello pretty new bench.
I was talking to my brother Nick on Friday evening and he mentioned he was making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

WHAT????  Are you kidding?  Is what I said to that information, because I was making spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner.   It's July in Arizona and blazing hot.  What are the chances we'd both make the same unseasonable dinner?

We texted pictures to each other.  

Real spaghetti for my family,

and spaghetti squash for me.

Another picture of Ginger on Saturday.
On Saturday night Nick mentioned he was having hot dogs and hamburgers.  Well, isn't that just insane since we had grass-fed beef hot dogs from Costco that are quite pricey and dang tasty.
Sunday was the very last day of break.  

Ginger. Again. 
She was very much looking forward to these crazies going back to school so she can get a little peace and quiet. 

We specifically woke the kids up early to prep them for back-to-school bedtimes that night.
We also took them in the pool for a long time.  The sun was scorching hot so we put the umbrella in the pool for a little relief. 

Oh, and shockingly, more pictures of Ginger.

See, I told you it was an awfully uneventful week.  The next post will have all the back to school festivities though, so rest easy knowing that is coming soon. 

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