Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mostly just eating and movies

You are in for a real blogging treat.  Last week was such a boring and slow week that this post is quite short compared to my normal 175,000 picture posts.  You'll be done reading lickety split.  And then you can go do something fun, like drink coffee/wine (depending on time of day) or take a nap.

I got a deep tissue therapeutic massage last Tuesday.  It's all part of my rehabilitation plan for my neck injury.  They are very painful and not at all enjoyable during, but I feel so much better after.  My mom has a fantastic massage therapist in Tucson, so that's where I've been going.  This is before she started. 

It is a relaxing environment.  Before she digs into me. 
We came back home the night of the 5th.  

On the 6th Spencer was 8 years 10 months old.  We did a patriotic photo shoot. 

We also did the annual flag bathing suit pictures.  Here's a sneak peak before I do a post with nine years worth. 

On Thursday Elliott went to daycare while Spencer and I went out to breakfast and then to see The BFG.  It is such a beloved book of mine and while no movie could ever be as good, I think they did a decent job capturing the whimsy and magic of the characters and plot. 

After the movie I needed to return something to Charming Charlies.  When we walked in I was delighted to learn that ALL of their sale clothes had been reduced to $10.  Spencer was not enthused about it in the least, but I thought it was worth taking a look around the place.

I bought both of these trench coats for $10 each.  TEN DOLLARS!  Did you catch that? Ten bucks! 

Seriously.  TEN DOLLARS.  For a lined trench coat. 
I'm sad they didn't have the pink one left in stock, because if there's anything that an Arizona girl needs it's three trench coats, but I think I'll survive the disappointment.  

That night I made grilled cheese for the kids and burgers for the adults.  I thought I'd spice them up with a non-edible garnish. 

I could not tell you a single thing that happened on Friday, other than I know we did laundry and cleaned.

On Saturday we went to a restaurant in Gilbert where we have never dined before.  The coffee was phenomenal.  The food was delicious. 

Then we met Josh, Laura, Sara and Samantha at the movies. 

It was hilarious.  I loved it.  I already want to see it again. 

My favorite character was Pops.  I want a sequel totally about Pops.
Josh, Laura, Sara and Sam spent the night at our house on Saturday and there were lots of fun times, including swimming, pizza eating and a story that Josh told that was so funny my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard, but this is the only picture I took from all of it. 

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I can't read your posts when I'm hungry. Now I want a grilled cheese.