Tuesday, July 5, 2016

From Bob to Amy

Despite my best efforts I remain two weeks behind on blogging. I'd like to give up and just skip ahead in time, but I get short of breath even thinking about such a move.

So, here we go.

Monday, June 20th.

Spencer went to the orthodontist that day and was in a fair amount of pain that night.  I am pretty conservative when it comes to giving my kids pain reliever, but I am also quite sympathetic to oral pain so I went to get the ibuprofen out, only to discover we had none.  Off I went to Walmart.  Walmart and not Target because 1) it's a wee bit closer and 2) I looked like crap.  It was a good choice because by going to Walmart I found this AWESOME shirt to wear when Nick and I binge watch Bob Ross on Netflix. 

Tuesday, June 21st.

I worked.  No pictures.

Wednesday, June 22nd.

Elliott made me coffee.  He's a good barista.

I sat on the couch next to this little lady and enjoyed my beverage.

Thursday, June 23rd

Swim lessons

Friday, June 24th

The kids and I went to see Finding Dory.  

We all went out for pizza for dinner.
Saturday, June 25th.  

I volunteered as a timer at Spencer's swim meet for the first half.  Michael took over for the second half.

In the afternoon I went to Maryellen's house for the first get-together in more than three years with AMY!  She was visiting from Indiana.

It was like she had never left.

Maybe the trick to blogging is to be less wordy.  I'll consider it for about 30 seconds.

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Cat said...

So I had never heard of this Bob Ross person and all of a sudden he's everywhere. Mike was talking about him the other day, one of his friends was talking about him and now he's in your blog.