Thursday, July 21, 2016

Flag suit extravaganza

Anybody who knows me knows that I keep an insane schedule of taking monthly and yearly photos.  July is always reserved for the annual flag suit pictures.  What's nice about the flag suit pictures is that there is some wiggle room in when they can be taken.  Unlike all the other pictures, these can be taken anytime in the first two weeks of July.  I made this rule because we are often gone from home on the 4th and the flag suit picture have to be taken in front of our couch.  Yes, I really need help.

It's Spencer only until 2012 and then Spencer will be on top with Elliott below.










Nine years of Spencer

Five years of Elliott
Some side notes:

2009 of Spencer is finally successfully photo shopped.

These are the two pictures I had to combine.

And this is the crude attempt I made using sub-par software years ago. 
I edited Michael's arm out of this picture, but Elliott looks weird because you can tell he's too young to be standing on his own (he was almost 7 months), so I think I'll just stick with the arm. 

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Cat said...

I wonder if you'll still be doing the flag posts when they're teenagers lol