Sunday, July 17, 2016

A pool visitor to start the week

Check me out blogging about this past week.  It's such recent history that I might actually remember what happened as I write about it. 

On Sunday morning we spent some time with Josh and Laura and Sara and Sam before they drove back to Tucson.  Once they left Ginger got her nails trimmed and had a bath. 

Elliott was fighting a virus and had a slight fever, so we had a relaxing time watching a movie.
He was feeling better in the afternoon so we went swimming for a few hours.  Once we were done and back inside Ginger went outside and was walking around on the grass when she started freaking out- growling and barking and running around.

Michael was busy doing something and I was kind of concerned that someone had broken into the back yard, so I went out to take a look.

This is what she was so upset about. 

Yep.  The new blow-up, ride-on gecko was terrifying her.

While I was out there I saw that our Texas rangers are finally blooming.  They are very late this year.

I removed the gecko from the pool and Ginger calmed down.  Then she took a nice, murderous nap in the blazing afternoon sum.
On Monday we got Spencer's swim team pictures.  Or maybe we got them previously, but I finally just took pictures of the pictures.  I actually don't remember that detail.

On Tuesday my friend and former college roommate Amanda drove up from Tucson and spent the night with us.  She is going to school to become a nurse practitioner and was using our family as a project for one of her classes.  
Elliott was supposed to go to the dentist on Wednesday, but my car battery died 10 minutes before his appointment, so it was a no-go.

This is how he dealt with the disappointment. 
I love the "On this day" feature on facebook.  I think it's so fun to be reminded about what was going on previous years on that day's date.  I laugh so often when I check it.

On Thursday I was reminded that two years ago we were on the last day of our trip to Dana Point and Lego Land.  

We didn't have much (or anything) going on that day, so I forced Elliott to do some photo recreations with me.

And then I did some side by side comparisons. 

And Elliott finally made it to the dentist, exactly 24 hours after his originally scheduled appointment. 

Most of last week was rather boring and honestly, fantastic.  We spent a lot of time at home. The weekend was very jam packed and fun though, so that's up next. 

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