Monday, April 11, 2016

Post-Easter week

I am just killing it with my post titles lately.  I should win some sort of blogging award for my creativity and innovation.  

Monday/Tuesday, March 28/29

Since Easter was so early this year I left the decorations up for a week after the holiday so we could enjoy them just a bit longer.

I got these bunny chair covers at the dollar store.  I only bought two for the kids chairs but I liked them so much I might look for more next year.  Maybe they will have different colors. 

This little fellow was new for 2016.

I forgot to get these bunnies out of the attic last year so they haven't made an appearance since 2014. 

The stuffed bunny collection seems to grow every year. We added three just this year.
Spencer got his palate expander removed the Tuesday after Easter.  His orthodontist is really pleased with his progress.  They added brackets for his braces where the expander had been and now we don't have to go back again until June.  I think we've been five or six times since January, so this is a very welcome break.

Wednesday, March 30

 I taught Art Masterpiece in Spencer's class.  We did self-portraits.  It was really challenging for them, but I think they did a great job.  I feel OK sharing these pictures because there are only first names.

Spencer's is the second from the right.

After Art Masterpiece I picked Elliott up from preschool and we went to story time at the library.  I've been impressed with how much better story times are with Elliott compared to when I took Spencer.  The public library is really bringing their A game.  They're just more interactive and have so much more movement which is critical for preschoolers.

Michael and I decided we wanted to replace the door knob on the door in between the laundry room and the garage.  The previous knob was really starting to stick and sometimes the kids couldn't turn it at all.  It was also a brass knob.  Not so pretty.

We wanted to do an oil rubbed bronze handle, but this pewter color was about $30 cheaper than the oil rubbed bronze.  All of the colors for interior knobs and handles are comparable, but there was a huge difference in prices for the exterior ones.  Weird.  The "after" still looks way better.

Thursday, March 31

I worked on Thursday and played with the kids outside when I got home.  Elliott wanted to go down the slide, but this huge bug was freaking him out.  To be honest it freaked me out as well and I made Michael capture and relocate it.
Friday, April 1

My friend Laura and her family were coming up for the weekend from Tucson so after work on Friday we went grocery shopping for some supplies.  I texted Laura these pictures to let her know we were ready for them to arrive.

Saturday, April 2

Flashback time!

When Laura and I were Juniors in high school we took a one day road trip from Tucson to Phoenix.  It was either late January or early February 1996.  We're not really sure what we did on this road trip or why we did it or even how our parents actually let us go, but we do remember that I drove and while I was driving ON THE FREEWAY we used a camera with real film to take this picture.  It's pretty much the first selfie of all time.

I have always loved this picture!
I had been thinking about that picture recently so I got it out when they got here to show her.  That was when we realized it had been almost exactly 20 years since we took that picture.

So of course we needed a comparison.
Only Laura and I are apparently not very smart, so we were on the wrong sides.

We tried to flip the image, but oh my god.  We both ended up looking like stroke patients.  It's amazing how jacked your face looks when you flip it.

With that official business taken care of, we got down to drinking wine and letting the kids free play all day.

We waited until small people started complaining about grumbling tummies before we broke out some snacks. 

And even more snacks.

Then we thought maybe we should at least feed the children a real dinner.

It was a great, fantastic and beautiful way to end the week. 


Jeannette said...

1) My kids hate those parachutes that every story time has. I'm not sure what it is, but my best guess is that they must've been circus elephants in a former life and have flashbacks of the inhumane treatment they endured when they see them. Like I said, just a guess.

2) I'm sure your selfie taking on the highway was still safer than what kids these days do while driving.

3) I'm glad you did a retake on the proper sides. That had me twitching until I continued to read.

Cat said...

Does it annoy you when Easter is in March? I have a St. Patrick's Day party every year and I have hosted Easter the past couple of years so I prefer when they are spread out a bit more...I enjoy your comparsion pictures.