Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter Sunday started early.  4:30 am early, with Elliott screaming and crying from the hallway.  I sprung out of bed and ran out there to find out what was wrong.  He said (whilst sobbing) that he couldn't find his fish stuffed animal.  I told him to go to the bathroom while I looked.  Only then did I realize that we didn't bring his fish stuffed animal to Tucson, so I tucked him back into bed and then tried to recover from the adrenaline.

Once it was a slightly more decent hour we were up and ready to celebrate the secular side of the holiday. 

First, baskets.

Then it was time for the hunt.

They got a nice haul this year.

We let each kid eat one piece of candy and then we sat down to a wonderfully nutritious breakfast of hot cross buns.

I bought them at Sprouts the day before.  The label even said hot cross buns, but something was missing.

Where are the frosting crosses?

I had to take matters in my own hands and fix them.

Because hot cross buns are nothing if not a vessel for cross shaped frosting.

Family pictures before church.

They were willing to take quit a few serious pictures in exchange for some silly ones.

The kids got many, many, many compliments on their outfits at church.  Michael and I got none.

Back at home we took a few more "formal" pictures before heading to Michael's parents house.

We took family pictures too, but the real winners were the silly ones.

My parent's usually host Easter lunch, but this year Michael's parents offered to host Easter brunch.  It was a nice change of plans.

Jerry and Lois gave the kids an underwater submarine for the pool.  I'm glad it was not another chocolate bunny.

Easter goodies from Michael's parents (grandma and papa)

An Easter egg filled with cash is the best kind of Easter egg.

My aunt and I were talking about how I should take pictures of the back of my Easter dessert.  So I did.

And the side profile too.
We still had to drive home from Tucson that day and the kids had school the next day, so we didn't get to hang out and chill for as long as we liked.   It was still a very nice Easter.  Way too early in the year for my liking, but nice.


Jeannette said...

Michael and your Easter outfits were very lovely and I really appreciate how you match as a family without, you know, being all matchy-matchy.

Sherry said...

Ugh. I don't even know how I got so far behind on commenting. I just read and then plan to come back later to type a good comment. Sigh. I really didn't think I was two months behind. I really want to start with your recent trip posts, but I simply cannot ignore favorite holiday. Haha! Oh, the least I did actually get my kids something this year. Haha! I have just been falling down on the job a bit lately. You always do a better job at this. We did do some things similar like buying our twin boys (Brody and Elliott) the minion movies. Do you agree that they are both most like Bob the minion? That's my conclusion anyway. Haha! King Bob!!! :-) Your silly family pictures are always the best although I like the serious ones too. Great outfit choices! You are Michael looked very nice too and complemented one another well. I agree that Easter was too early this year, but apparently, it was still a hot one for you all. Glad you had a good day!

Cat said...

I agree, you ALL look lovely.