Monday, April 18, 2016

Blah, blah, blah and a submarine

I am somehow STILL two weeks behind on this blog.  Maybe because I am blogging once a week and at that rate I can never catch up.  Just maybe that is the reason. 

This is all about the week of April 4th.  APRIL FOURTH, you say!  I know!  That's ancient history.

On Monday the 4th Ginger was adorable, but that's not really any different from every day of the week. 
On Tuesday the 5th Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Elliott and I made a little trip to Target.  We had a special Star Wars coupon to use but things got a wee bit out of control.

Spencer was 8 years 7 months old on Wednesday the 6th. 
I was off work on Friday the 8th.  I had worked on Monday instead.  Elliott and I went to a new open gym time I signed him up for and then had lunch with Laura.  Then we went to IKEA.  I got a coffee and he got a berry ice cream sundae.  He sat in the cart and we just strolled around looking.  It was quite lovely really.

I want to buy this wardrobe for our bedroom.

I also became obsessed with this lampshade that I ended up buying the next week.

That afternoon it was really warm and the kids convinced me to let them use their new submarine in the pool.  They ended up playing a game where Elliott operated the submarine and Spencer tried to catch it with the net.  My joke, "Maybe we should call this game The Hunt for Red October" was met with blank faces.

Then it got all crazy and they went for a swim.  It might have been warm in the sun, but that water is still freezing.

Michael disapproved of this activity and of my approving of it.

I made soft tacos for Michael and lettuce tacos for me for dinner that night.  I bought this fancy taco holder several years ago but had never used it.  I thought it would be funny to serve Michael his dinner on a jelly roll pan. 

It WAS funny.

Any bets on if I'll get another post up this week? 

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Jeannette said...

I feel like everyone and everything has been behind lately. I blame Netflix. We're all in this binge watching/reading state of mind now that we can't bring ourselves to do slow and steady anymore. Just making excuses for myself, really. By the way, jelly roll dinner presentation - TOTALLY hilarious.