Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 3rd, 4th and 5th days of Christmas

I'm working really hard to wrap up this holiday review before we get to Valentine's Day.  I didn't take a single picture on the 30th so I just need to blog about New Year's Eve and day and then we'll be through the holidays.  Not too shabby.  I mean, it's January 10th, but it could be worse.

The morning of December 27th we found the kids playing their video games in a rare moment of brotherly peace. 

Then I ruined it by taking a picture.

Nick and I went to brunch at Ventana Canyon that morning.  It was my 2014 Christmas present from Nick.  It only took one year and two days to redeem it.

It was an all you can eat and all you can drink of mimosas brunch.
We also each got one free bloody mary.  Thankfully Michael dropped us off and picked us up so we didn't have to drive.

This is probably in the top 12 of worst pictures of me ever. 

I didn't take these pictures.  Thanks google images. 

That evening my mom and dad had their annual reunion holiday party with all the people my dad knew in high school and college. 

This is Nathan's Godfather and Bella's Godfather.

On Monday the 28th Michael and I took Spencer to see Star Wars.  We went to the Roadhouse so we had pizza and ice cream during the show. It was pretty great.

Nathan, Kendra and Bella were supposed to fly out of Phoenix that day but after waiting for two hours to just CHECK IN and never making it to the counter, they missed their flight.  Kendra got a later flight that day but Nathan and Bella had to come back to Tucson and flew out of there the next day.

It was kind of nice for us that they missed their flight because we got to spend some more time with them and I got to take the picture with Bella that I had forgotten to take.

I went out for drinks with my friend Brendan that night (my Tucson friend Brendan, since I do have two friends names Brendan), but I took no pictures even though I fully intended to.

On Tuesday the 29th these cousins got to eat breakfast together one more time.

And play the piano together. 

I wanted to take a nice cousin picture but Elliott was being a capital J JERK and this was the best I could do. 

Really Elliott? 

Soon after Nathan and Bella left for the airport, our kids went to their other grandparent's house and Michael and I got down to the business of celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.

First up, breakfast burritos and lattes.

Then we headed to our first movie. 

Daddy's Home at the Roadhouse. 
We ate Eegee's sandwiches in the car on our way to the second movie.  We had about 45 minutes in-between the shows. 

The second movie we saw was Sisters.  I took 0 pictures.  After that movie we walked around the mall and bought a half price calendar, 75% off shower gel and the bracelet I wore that night.

Then we went home and got ready for dinner.

Our 14th anniversary photo shoot.  We had some time to kill so we experimented with some different poses. 

We had dinner at Vivace which was lovely.  We had some cocktails before dinner and mine came with a little refill in a bucket of ice.  Nice. 

We mentioned it was our anniversary so we got a free tiramisu complete with a candle. 
After dinner we changed clothes and then headed to our third and final movie of the day.  We saw Star Wars again.

We were in a theater for 500 people.  There were 14 people including us.
We saw a 10:30 show but we both had a hard time staying awake.  I dozed off several times which is crazy because I don't ever sleep during movies and I'm rarely, if ever, in bed at that time.

It was a great anniversary and a great day.


Sherry said...

So are the boys missing little Bella since they left? Spencer definitely seemed to really like being her "big brother" over the holidays. I feel you on 4 year old JERKS. Haha! I love how you guys always do those movie marathon dates for anniversaries. So fun! Eddie and I always love seeing movies together, but I doubt anyone would watch our kids long enough to see more than one. Sigh. Happy Anniversary to a pretty awesome couple!

Cat said...