Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Post-Halloween, Pre- Wedding

Starting tomorrow we are going to be booked solid for four days.  I work both Thursday and Friday.  Thursday night we're having dinner at Kathy's house (sister of one of the grooms) since a bunch of people are going to be in town for the wedding.   Friday night is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  Saturday is the wedding which, since we're all IN it, will be an all day affair.  And Sunday we're going to brave the state fair.

I'm going to try to write at list one more post to auto-post in the next few day, but it is likely you might not hear from me until next week. 

On Sunday I woke up in an "organize all the things and get stuff done" kind of mood.

First things first, I organized the candy.  

All the fruity stuff

All the minis

All the chocolate

All the "others"

All the full size

All the smarties (these just got thrown away after I took the picture)

All the suckers

All the tootsie rolls

All the non-food items
With that taken care of, we hit some stores to look for some great after Halloween deals.  I didn't buy all of this stuff on Sunday.  We went to Michaels on Monday and Walgreens on Tuesday, but I'll show you everything here.




($3 total for all 4 glasses!) 





Walgreens (the little bottles) and Michaels (the big bottle) 
(their stuff was 80% off, so this was $1!) 
On Sunday afternoon we took down all of the Halloween stuff and put up all of the Thanksgiving stuff.  Maybe my auto post will be about the Thanksgiving decorations.  Good plan.

We keep the Halloween boxes up in the attic and we put them up there on Sunday, so now we have to go back up to add the stuff we got on Monday and Tuesday.  It'll take about 5 minutes, but it seems daunting.

Anyway, moving on.

On Sunday night there were several small earthquakes about 45 miles north of Phoenix.  We totally felt two of them at our house.  It was really weird.  I have never felt an earthquake before. The whole house rumbled and you could see the furniture shaking.  It was so mild that the kids slept through them and Ginger didn't even react, but I was up and had no idea what was happening.  
Elliott and I went to Hobby Lobby on Monday after school to buy some fake flowers.  We also found 80% off duct tape.  We actually needed some and I was not opposed in the least to buying it with fun prints.

I picked the mac n cheese.

Elliott picked the Frozen theme.
On Tuesday Elliott woke up with a barky sounding cough so in addition to an already jam packed agenda we also added a quick trip to the doctor.  I had already diagnosed him with croup (the doctor agreed) and since he ended up in the hospital the last time he had croup she started him on oral steroids immediately- a loading dose in the office and then a prescription for five more days.  He never had a fever or any other symptoms and even after two doses the stridor and cough were almost totally gone. 

The rest of the day was spent working out (I got two in), grocery shopping, making laundry detergent, doing laundry, making granola (for ourselves and for Mr. Chad), and going to the orthodontist.  

Today, Wednesday, is Elliott's last weekly OT session, so we wanted to give him a thank you present.  His birthday is also this month so we threw in a birthday present as well.  I told him he could decide which present was for which thing.

Grain free tahini granola with apricots and raisins.

Vegetable socks

The kids both wore awesome shirts today.

And we had a very fun last OT session.  Chad basically let Elliott do whatever he wanted.

I apologize if this post was choppy and all over the place.  I wrote it while a chatty three year old talked my ear off and distracted me every 45 seconds.  Now we're off to the mall and later I'm baking cookies and brownies for the dinner party.

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Jeannette said...

It's impossible that I didn't comment on this post before because I distinctly remember it, even 2.5 months later. I remember thinking, "next year you should save the Smarties for me because I, oddly enough, like them. Not the knock off Smarties, but the real ones".

I also remember thinking about the Arizona earthquake and how you had never felt one and then I wanted to tell you all about my days in earthquake country, which we may or may not have chatted about "in real life" anyway.

Finally, you got some great Halloween clearance scores! I can't wait to see them in (now this year's) the Halloween decor tour! :)