Friday, October 16, 2015

The last day of fall break and back to school

We spent most of the day in Tucson on Monday.  We spent a lot of time at the mall and then drove home in the afternoon.  

Tuesday was the last day of break.  Thank goodness.  

Spencer had another appointment with the orthodontist in the morning to have spacers placed before he gets the actual palate expander next week.  The appointment itself took 90 seconds.  

Every October the orthodontist's office has a pumpkin decorating contest.  Spencer voted for Grumpy Cat (#3), I voted for the slinky dog (#4) and Elliott voted for the Frozen one (#12- it's kind of blocked by the slinky dog).

See the little blue things?  Those are the spacers.

The plan was to leave the orthodontist and drive to Phoenix to meet Michael at his office for lunch, but since the appointment took all of 90 seconds it was a little early for lunch.  The car was filthy after driving around the farm land of Willcox, so we decided to get it washed to use a bit of time.  I used my phone to find a car wash close to the orthodontist and planned on doing the same thing to find a Hobby Lobby close to the car wash after we were done.  We pulled into the parking lot of the car wash and saw it shared a parking lot with, wait for it.......... Hobby Lobby!  It was a convenient and hilarious coincidence.

After the car wash and Hobby Lobby (I bought something for Thanksgiving!) we drove to Phoenix.  The kids wanted to actually go into Michael's office and his co-worker needed something from him while we were in there, so they got to actually see him "work".

We also went up to the 3rd floor and saw our friend Mary.  Her dad is the director of Boys State, so I've known her pretty much for my whole life.
Then we went to lunch.  We went to the place that Michael goes with his co-workers like once a week.  They go so often they even have their own booth.

On Tuesday evening Spencer and I went to Target.  He thought he was so cool.  I disagree.

I was doing laundry that night when this happened.  What the hell, nail?  Why you be so weak?  And why are my fingers so crooked?  Should I be concerned about this?  Should I go see a finger doctor?
The kids went back to school on Wednesday.  I sighed a huge sigh of relief.

Then Elliott and I went to OT.

We were walking into the hospital for OT when we saw my friend Melissa in the parking lot.  She asked if we were there to see Cam and the new baby.  After a lot of confusion (because we were not there to see Cam and the baby and I did not even know that Cam had delivered at that hospital) I decided that we should go see them after the session.

2 day old Harley.
Melissa was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, but I totally edited her out of the picture.  I was pretty proud of my skills.

Elliott and I were getting ready to leave the house on Thursday morning when I found Ginger sleeping on the loveseat.  She never sleeps up there anymore, so we don't even put a sheet on it these days.  I guess she just wanted to prove us wrong.  
Since we're now members we went back to the Museum of Natural History.  We only stayed about an hour this time.

I wanted Elliott to practice his people drawing skills on the big white board in the play room. I'm quite concerned about his drawing ability.  This is pretty much what he draws whenever he draws.  This, in case you are wondering, is Mr. Chad.  Yeah, not good.  Highly suspicious. 

This is with a lot of help and explicit directions.

The line in the middle is not a neck tie, but his actual neck. 

And Mr. Chad if Mr. Chad was partially made out of potato DNA.
After the museum we went to the mall and then to lunch and then we ran a whole bunch of errands in preparation for upcoming events, mainly a Halloween party, Halloween and Brendan's wedding.  

Our final stop was Costco.

I was tempted to buy this 20 pound bucket of rolled oats.  It was really a very good price.  But then I remembered it was 20 pounds of rolled oats and I thought better of it.

Elliott had a sample oreo.
And finally, I made this gourmet pizza for dinner last night.  I mean, honestly, this is a pizza masterpiece.  Michael and Spencer said it was tasty too.  Elliott refused to eat any of it because it was too hot.  Even 20 minutes later it was too hot.
And once again, I am completely caught up.  I am so impressed with myself.  It's like I have this blogging thing totally figured out after almost 7 years of practice.  Perhaps I will use my extra blogging time to show pictures of the house decked out in Halloween gear.  


Jeannette said...

Ellie had no interest in drawing anything (people, things, animals) until she was 4. I was worried at first, but now she's a drawing machine. Have we talked about how long Elliott will continue OT? Because that boy is going to be so depressed when it comes to an end. SO much fun!

Sherry said...

I love that you put "work" in parentheses. What is up with us thinking our husbands don't actually work at work? Haha! I mean, it probably is a bit less strenuous than our days at home with the kids but still. Yikes, that clown mask is about as scary as Brody's favorite snake he wants in the Halloween section at Target. And that nail picture reminds me of the Anjelah Johnson comedy routine about the nail salon. Please google it if you haven't seen it. So funny! Kids are all different so I have never heard of drawing as that much of a milestone. Some kids do it and some don't care about it. Evan was more of a colorer, but Brody loves to draw and does really well at it. :-)