Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Break: Days 3 and 6

After two big, fun-filled days of fall break, the next five days were much slower.  Elliott had OT on Wednesday morning.  This is last Wednesday, September 30th.  I'm (as always) a little behind.  Chad worked on dressing and balance and fine motor skills.  They are cutting with scissors here.

That afternoon Spencer had soccer camp.  After we dropped him off, Elliott and I went to Target to buy three things.  We ended up with a whole lot more.  It was one of those Target trips where you leave and once you're in the parking lot you just shake yourself out of the trance you were in and think, "what the hell just happened?"

Elliott was a cool guy chilling in the cart.
When we got home I decided to put out the Halloween pillows, only because they were the only Halloween or fall decorations not in the attic. 
That night we put the new sheets I bought at Target during the whirlwind shopping trip on Spencer's bed.  He's really rough on his sheets with all of his eczema goop.  I hope these last a while because they are awesome.

His room has evolved from an outer space room to a Star Wars room.

I worked on Thursday and Friday.  There are no pictures from either day.  Not just not any good pictures, there are actually NO pictures.  That is very rare.  It also explains why the post title is just days three and six.  I have nothing to show for four and five.

On Saturday I took before pictures before decorating for Halloween.  I normally don't put all of the "every day" stuff in the garage until we decorate for Christmas, but I decided to do it early this year.  The only problem is that I don't have enough Thanksgiving stuff  so things will look very barren in November.

I'm going to do a whole post about this year's Halloween decorations, so you'll have to wait for the "after". 

My parents came up on Saturday afternoon because I had bought tickets to the Phoenix Symphony for them as very early birthday presents.  My mom's birthday is in November and my dad's is in December, but I thought they would love this show and it was one weekend only so I decided to just do it.

This is what they went to see:

The Phoenix Symphony kicks off its 2015/16 APS Pops series with a dynamic multi-media experience in tribute to all who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy and those who revere our country’s great history as we mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the 100th anniversary of World War I and the 75th anniversary of World War II. Westwater Arts returns to Phoenix from its acclaimed 2012 Centennial performance of the Grand Canyon Suite with powerful symphonic photochoreography using hundreds of archival photographs projected on screens above the orchestra. The first photographic essay, The Eternal Struggle, is a poignant glimpse into what it was like to live and govern during the Civil War set to the words of Abraham Lincoln through the incomparable music of Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait, narrated by a well known personality. Next, The Symphony performs No Man’s Land, commemorating World War I and the collision between centuries-old traditions and the emergence of modern warfare with the music of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5. Then, through Citizen Soldier, The Phoenix Symphony reflects on the more than 100 million men and women who participated in history’s most widespread conflict, World War II, set to Barber’s Second Essay for Orchestra. Finishing out the program are inspirational and patriotic tributes in support of our men and women in uniform.

Before they left I had a Mexican fiesta for dinner.  We were celebrating their birthdays after all.

Ginger was just adorable during dinner.

Don't let my smile fool you, I was squatting for this picture, but I was halfway down, not all the way down, so that our heads would be level and my quads, glutes and hamstrings were all shaking.  Apparently all my deadlifts and squats and lunges and calf raises have been in vain.

After my parents left Elliott actually wore pajamas to bed for the first time since about April.

And that is it.  Fall break day seven was also pretty lame, so prepare yourself for days eight and nine, which were much more fun and also occurred yesterday and today, so were much more current.


Valerie said...

So, do you purposely take pictures each day? I mean, do you have an amount or goal you like to hit?

The boys just sleep in tshirts or underwear when it's hot there?

Jeannette said...

That happens every. single. time. I go to Target. And Costco. I often remember what I came in there for on the way back to the car. I then go back inside and make sure I go to a different cashier the 2nd time. Damn you, Target vortex!
I love how Spencer's room has evolved versus him waking up at 8 and saying, "I hate space. I want a Minion bedroom" and then you have to kick him out of the house. That would be a bummer.
Elliott and his PJs are super cute. :) Glad you guys are finally getting cooler nights.

Sherry said...

I like the natural progression of Spencer's room from space to Star Wars themed. I am sure Evan's would have progressed the same when he had a space themed room before he and Brody started sharing. He did have cool Star Wars sheets. I really miss that room! And I love the celebration for your parents...perfecto! I have always said you look like your dad, but you definitely have mom's smile! :-)

Cat said...

I like your Halloween pillows.