Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Snips and Screenshots- Part 3

It has been less than a month since I did my last snips and screenshots post.  Apparently I take a lot of snips and screenshots because I have a lot of new content for you.  I mean it.  There is a ton of stuff here.  But none of it will take very long to read, so enjoy.

This was a quiz called, "What is your poster motto"?  I agree.  I can stand by this.  Especially in the summer.

I'm a Virgo.  Even though 64% seems pretty high, in comparison to all the other signs (except Gemini, Scorpio and Pisces), I'm really, really nice.

This was a "quiz" where you put in your date of birth and it told you what the #1 movie was that day and the average price of a movie ticket.

This is mine.

Then I checked Michaels', 

And both of the kids' birthdays.  I like how the price of a ticket just keeps going up. 

Then, out of curiosity, I checked my parents.

This is my dad, 

and my mom. 

Finally, I put in my grandma's birthday.  I want to go to the movies, pay with a dime and GET CHANGE! 

This was not surprising.  I'm really not a picky eater.  The three items were 1) fish that still has a head or tail; 2) liver; and 3) kidneys.  I also don't like radishes, but they weren't on the list.  I'd like to point out that I will eat pâté, which is made out of liver, I just won't eat a whole piece of liver.  Because that is gross. 

This is a whole Speech Language Pathology Section.

This just makes me smile.  It's true.  I'm always evaluating the speech and language of kids around me.  It's really hard to take my kids to parent participation classes because, oh my.  Lots of kids with lots of issues out there.

These are funny, but I would never wear them. 

This is everything.  It blows my mind.  It's so important.  I'm going to do this with Spencer soon.  I wish that I had been given this lesson.  It would have saved a lot of heartache, even as an adult.

This is my shocking headline.  It's flattering, so, I'll take it.  

I liked how the home screen on my phone looked on Friday, August 7.  So stormy and fierce.  And now you know what my home screen looks like.  I cannot stand notifications building up, so I clear them all day long. 

I took a quiz about my intelligence. My dominant intelligence is interpersonal.  I support this.  I agree.

This quiz was about how ladylike I am.  My results are completely wrong.  33% ladylike?  Whatever.  I hate sports.  I hate watching them and playing them. I never wear sweatpants and I only wear athletic shoes when I'm working out.  I also wear dresses and skirts all the time.

This quiz was about which 80's movie girl I am.  I have no feelings one way or another about this.  The description is pretty accurate.

The description of this makes no sense. It's like it was written by somebody who doesn't speak English.  NOBODY has ever been overwhelmed by my name because it's not an overwhelming name.  This is just utter nonsense. 

This was a quiz about my true calling.  The description is pretty spot on, except the part about mind puzzles, so I guess I should have been a philosopher. 

This was from a list of make-up must haves.  Doesn't this description make you think that your whole life will be improved if you buy and use this blush?

How old do I really look?  Not going to complain about this. 

Spencer has been turning into a little dictator, specifically with Elliott. I printed this out for him, hung it in his room and we had a long discussion about it.

My new blog background is called Natalie.  I don't particularly like it, but how could I not pick it? 

I got the proofs for Spencer's 2nd grade pictures emailed to me yesterday.  The same company did his pictures last year (but not in kindergarten), so I was able to see a one year progression.  I'm sorry, but I can't make them any bigger.

1st grade- August 

1st grade- January 

2nd grade- August 

And finally, we have reached the end of the snips and screenshots!


Valerie said...

You are legitimately my soulmate. So many things are the same!!! I cannot stand notifications on my phone. Seriously, it does things to my mind!

Cat said...

I really want to take some of these quizzes now. I didn't know my sign was such an a-hole though. :-(