Sunday, August 9, 2015

Finally back to normal

Last week was my first normal work week since the end of May.  I continued working two days a week through June but instead of my regular Thursday and Friday schedule I worked Monday/Tuesday for two weeks and Tuesday/Thursday for two weeks.  Then I was off for three weeks, worked just one day the week I went back and then worked three days the next week.  Anyway.  It's nice to be back to my normal routine.  And now that Elliott is going to school I feel like our new routine is even more, well, routine.   It's nice to have our days somewhat set and planned out, but with Elliott in school for only 2.5 hours on M, W, F, we still have plenty of time to be spontaneous.

Last Monday Elliott and I went over to Monica's house after he got out of school.  Monica's friend, Shauna, was in town from Massachusetts, so we joined them for some swimming. 

Ginger was kind of evil on Monday night.
There was a heat advisory on Tuesday.  We were in no mood to leave the house for anything.  By 11 am we had done everything I could think of to do inside, so I let Elliott play with water, ice and a slotted spoon.

And then I remembered that I had found a pineapple kool-aid in the pantry during the shelf liner project.  I thought we'd make some yummy smelling play-dough to take to Elliott's class.

Elliott said that it looked like Cholula hot sauce when we added the food coloring.

It's been a long time since the gremlins in my phone camera made an appearance.

A little more ice play,

And then somehow our boring morning at home led to a solid afternoon nap.
On Wednesday Elliott and I went to the mall to look for a shirt for Spencer for school pictures.  That little outing in the extreme heat led to me being completely incapable of making dinner.  We decided to go out to a place where kids eat free on Wednesdays.  Elliott fell in the parking lot and landed on a concrete curb with a very rough/pokey plant sticking out of it.  Yeah, he was in great shape when we walked it.

I know it looks like marker, but I promise it's not.

I worked on Thursday.  Right after Elliott went to bed I remembered we needed to do Spencer's 7 year 11 month photo shoot.  I am in denial about him turning 8 next month.


Up next: a spectacular weekend in Tucson.

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Sherry said...

Oh my, that is some boo boo! Poor E! I hope he got a treat after that one. That Spencer knows how to handle a photo shoot. Love all his silly faces! He definitely gets it honest. ;-)