Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A long and awesome journey

My friend Jeannette had a baby boy, Clark, almost exactly 2 years after Elliott was born. At the time of his birth and for 8 months after, they lived in Tucson.  It made it very convenient to pass on clothes to her.  Convenient and fantastic because Jeannette is a blogger and comparison junkie like me, so she would frequently photograph Clark in outfits I had passed along and do comparisons of Clark, Spencer and Elliott in the same outfit. 

Last summer Jeannette moved to Michigan.  We were sad because #1, it's Michigan and not exactly close to Arizona.  And #2, we figured it was the end of the hand me downs and triple comparison pictures.  We're insane, no doubt, but not crazy enough to pay to ship clothes.

But then a miracle happened.  My friend Lauren, who grew up in Michigan, announced that she was going to drive home to see her family and friends for a month this summer.  WHAAAAAAT?  A car, with plenty of extra space, driving from Arizona to Michigan?  "Um, Lauren, would you mind driving some baby clothes to my friend Jeannette", is what I said when I found out about this.  "Sure", was her reply.

So, in mid-June, Lauren was at my house and when she left she took a whole load of clothes with her.
And then, as if driving all those clothes 1,978.6 miles (I googled it) wasn't generous enough, Lauren sent me pictures of the journey.  You know, for blogging purposes.
You should also know that Lauren was accompanied to Michigan by her dog, Remy.  You should also, also know that in addition to my baby clothes Lauren also drove a bridesmaid dress and baby clothes for another friend across the country.

Remy used my clothes as a cozy pillow.

Arriving in Michigan.
I woke up one morning about a week or so after Lauren got to Michigan to a message from Jeannette saying "This happened this morning" with these pictures
What the what?  Lauren with Jeannette and Clark?  My worlds are mixing and colliding and I love it, but it's terrifying. 
Over the next couple of weeks Jeannette sent these pictures.

She remembered she had left a comment on a post calling dibs on this outfit and was super pleased to see it in the pile.  If you can't tell, that's a lion tail on the butt of a one piece.  I could have found pictures of my kids in these clothes (because both of them wore these clothes) but, you know.  Lazy.
I bought this robe for Spencer when he was 15 months old.  It's an 18 month robe and I'll bet you he could still probably wear it.  It might be a little short and a little tight, but it would most likely fit on his body.

And this is just awesome.  Another boy wearing the traditional July flag suit. 
Lauren has already said that she's going to drive to Michigan again next summer, so I have started saving clothes to send on another cross country journey.  So far there are two pairs of shorts. 

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Jeannette said...

Ok, I know that I've been sucking big time on commenting despite reading (seriously, what's up with that?), but how did I really not comment on this awesome post? I love, love, love putting my kiddo in your fabulous, fashionable, and famous (because you know you have a big blog following in Russia) hand-me-downs. The comparisons amaze and amuse me and I'm so excited for this fun to continue as long as Lauren is willing to be a clothes mule. :)