Monday, March 30, 2015


These are the things that happened at our house on Sunday.

I asked if people preferred waffles or pancakes.  Elliott was the only one that answered and he wanted waffles.


He ended up eating 6 or 7 of them.  He ate so many we lost count.
After breakfast, which was really brunch, Michael and the kids went into the backyard to do yardwork and I took a solo trip to Target.

I had this thought while there: I am really quite sick and tired of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny taking all the credit for my effort AND my money.

This was happening when I got home.

I did not join in because I had some heavy lifting to do.  Literally.

I bought lifting gloves last week because I am lifting such heavy weights in the Chalean Extreme program that I was getting calluses.

This was my first workout using them.  I thought they would be annoying and I would hate them, but they provide so much cushion and extra grip that it is so much more comfortable to lift with them.

I have been lifting 20 and 25 pounds pretty regularly.

But 30 pounds is still way too much.   I can barely move these to just get them out of my way.
And finally, there was a good 20 minutes of cooperative play without them trying to kill each other.  It was so nice and peaceful.


Sherry said...

And now I want waffles! Thanks a lot, Elliott! Haha! This sounds like a wonderful, laid back Sunday. Just what I need lately. And yes, I will be playing catch up on several weeks' worth of your posts soon. Ugh. What a crazy month! And to respond to your most recent questions about my travel planning: I have two major US trips all planned out on paper. I do trip planning a lot because I really love to travel and want to do it more. Of course, you know just how "easy" it is to do that these days. Haha! One trip is a northern road trip where we will hit Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), NYC, and then drive over to Niagara Falls (and likely meet up with Natasha because they live just on the other side of Niagara Falls in Kitchener-Waterloo), and then come back down and maybe stop in Lancaster because I love the Amish country there. If we do this when it is still warm, we may make a stop in the northern Outer Banks of NC because I want to take our kids to those beaches to see the lighthouses and the gorgeous beaches. I had thought this might be our family vacation later this year, but I am not sure if Eddie's new work schedule will cooperate. Evan's new school schedule will have him out for break in late September so that could be our new vacation time. For now, our vacations this year may revolve around some trips for Eddie's job. His organization pays for and conducts teacher training academies for state science teachers to train them on current forestry practices. Teachers get their CE credits for this all for free. There is an application process since they can only take so many a year. There are three of these academies that Eddie will be teaching in Asheville, New Bern (at the coast), and Asheboro. We will likely go to the Asheville and New Bern ones because they are in June during Evan's summer break. We will also be going to Myrtle Beach in October for their annual membership meeting. That may be all the traveling we can do this year. My other big US trip will be a more western road trip when the kids are old enough to see the major sights and national parks. The Grand Canyon will be on this itinerary and thus a trip to Arizona. Hopefully, we can meet up with some Arizona friends then. ;-)

Jeannette said...

Holy cow! That IS some heavy lifting! Did you buy the weights? I guess you wouldn't be renting them. Can you rent weights? Anyway, VERY impressive!

Also, I'm totally over Santa and the Easter Bunny getting all of the credit.