Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring 2015 portrait pictures

As promised these are the pictures from the spring time 2015 glamour shots.  It's the first time I felt like I could take both of the kids by myself without Michael helping.  Hey, we're making slow progress.

I bought these outfits over MLK Jr weekend for them to wear for Easter this year.  I wish I could find this exact outfit for me to wear too.  I just love it.

Could their skin tone and hair color BE more different?  I swear they have both the same mother and father.

Elliott fell off a chair a few days prior to these being taken.  You can see the bruise above his right eye.  After two boys I've just come to terms that they are always going to be bruised and scarred.

They always have to make enhanced pictures to offer you.  I never buy any of them, but I did get two for free with coupons I had.

I got these last two for free 
I didn't notice until the next day that Elliott is under Spencer's name and Spencer is under Elliott's name.  It is driving me bonkers and I will probably have to burn this picture when we pick it up this week.


Valerie said...

I just love these. The one of all three of you is a keeper (where they are resting on you). Precious boys you have. They're both going to be total heartbreakers!

Jeannette said...

Such a handsome duo! And you look great in the ones you're included in! If it makes you feel any better, Spencer and Elliott are in the right order in the bottom picture of that collage. I know it totally doesn't help. I tried. Burn away.

Maryellen said...

Adorable pictures!! That was a great photo shoot. You looked beautiful!!

Sherry said...

I love those outfits! The colors are awesome. I will need you to tell me where you got them ASAP so I can see if they still have them in my boys' sizes. Would be great for beach pictures this year! And your outfit as well! ;-)

Cat said...

Love the pics!