Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Getting stuff done during spring break

Spencer's spring break started on Monday.  He gets two weeks and a day off before he goes back to school.

I came up with a little calendar of events and activities to keep us busy over the next two weeks.  Monday, Day 1, was supposed to be hair cuts, a dentist appointment and going for frozen yogurt.  It ended up being all of those things, just without my participation.  I had to work on Monday as a make-up day since I was in the hospital with Elliott during my regular Friday work day.  Michael stayed home with the kids.

I had made an appointment for Spencer with the dentist to see about having his teeth pulled.  They were very specific on the phone that it was just a consult and we'd have to come back later for the actual procedure.

So, imagine everybody's surprise when they went ahead and pulled his teeth that day.
The roots were very long and very sturdy.  It would have been a long time before these things fell out on their own.

On Tuesday we had a consult with the ENT to see about having Spencer's tonsils and adenoids out. 

He doesn't see anything about Spencer's tonsils that makes him think they need to be removed.  But the adenoids are coming out and he also wants to do a bilateral submucous resection of turbinates.  This is the explanation I found via google: For patients with turbinate hypertrophy, turbinate surgery should correct the problem of nasal obstruction by reducing the turbinate size and thereby decreasing airway resistance while preserving the natural function of the turbinates. This should improve nasal breathing and may reduce nasal drainage and postnasal drip. 

Surgery is scheduled for April 16.
After the ENT we went to the park and had a picnic lunch.  Then Elliott had 5 false alarm trips to the bathroom and I got fed up and made them leave because I am not an angel and I lose my patience and I just couldn't handle another trip to the park bathroom.  We stopped at the bank and Ross on the way home.  We bought new summer shoes for both kids at Ross.  
Once we got home I remembered that it was Ginger's 13th birthday.  We consider her birthday to be the day we adopted her 8 years ago.  Since we had done nothing to celebrate her (last year she even got a hamburger dinner) I thought we should at least take a family picture to commemorate the day.

It is quite hard to take a selfie of a family of four and a dog.

Maybe we should try with me and Ginger on the other side.

This could have been a winner, but Michael was doing something very weird to her ear.  

OK.  Maybe we should break for dinner and try in a little bit.

Testing the lighting.

This time we put the birthday girl in the middle.

This morning the kids and I went to the portrait studio for spring pictures.  That's going to be its own post, coming soon.

After that was done we went to IKEA for lunch and ice cream.  I had a total decent cobb salad and bowl of carrot ginger soup.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I have to work tomorrow and Friday, but after that I'm on spring break too!


Jeannette said...

Did it annoy you that they pulled his teeth right before the Spring photos? Also, I gotta know how you got IKEA ice cream in a cup for Elliott and how come yours has swirl?! Ours only has vanilla. What's up with that? The family birthday pictures are just amazing. I love them all.

P.S. I proved I wasn't a robot by choosing pictures of birthday cake. Appropriate.

Sherry said...

Wow, Spencer was a champ getting those two teeth pulled at once. When I was young, I had to have one tooth pulled because I had two permanent teeth coming in one spot. The teeth weren't even in yet because they were preventing each other from coming through. I didn't really have an extra tooth because I only had three wisdom teeth so I assume one of mine was just in the wrong spot. That has been the extent of my dental issues until last year when I went ahead and had my wisdom teeth all pulled. I don't really think the first tooth pulling was bad, but I remember the wisdom teeth were a pain for a while. I hope Spencer's wasn't too painful. With all the dental issues he has already had to endure, I hate for him to have to endure any more pain. Ugh to having to have surgery, but it sounds like it could really help his problems. Hopefully, he will get to enjoy lots of ice cream during the hot summer months. False alarm bathroom runs are no fun. Brody has been telling us he needs to poop lately just as an excuse not to do something he doesn't want to do or to get attention. I definitely lack patience to deal with him lately. Haha! And Happy 13th Birthday to sweet Ginger. 13 was the last birthday I got to celebrate with Jingles. I hope Ginger gets to see many more! Love all the family selfies. :-)