Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elliott milestones and etc

Monday was a huge day!  We registered Elliott for preschool.  He starts the same day that Spencer starts 2nd grade- July 20th.  He will be going to the same school, will be in the same classroom and will have the same teacher that Spencer had for two years of preschool.  We're very excited.  Less exciting will be getting two kids to two different schools at the same time.  Thank goodness Spencer can take the bus.

This picture was taken on Wednesday, but whatever.  This is very close to what he looked like on registration day.
The registration that we did on Monday was just the internet registration.  We still have to go to the actual school with our proof of residency, vaccination record and Elliott's birth certificate to complete the process.  Except that, oops.  We never ordered a birth certificate for Elliott.  So Michael went during his lunch break today and got one.  We got a copy of Spencer's by the time he was 3 months old. Poor, neglected 2nd born child. 
And just for the heck of it- this is what Spencer looked like on his first day of preschool.  Well, actually it was his first day of his second year because he went to daycare preschool two mornings a week for a year.  But this is what he looked like on his first day of preschool that is the same preschool where Elliott will go.  Got that?
I was about four months pregnant with Elliott while taking this picture.  Spencer was less than two months from turning four.

And the first day of his third year of preschool/second year of the same preschool where Elliott will go.

And this is what Elliott looked like on that day.

He was seven months old and finally healthy.
Moving on.

This is how I found Elliott after his nap yesterday.  Not really a milestone, but interesting that he could sleep with his face shoved down between the mattress and dresser like this.

But this is a milestone.  A big one.

This is the very last diaper of Elliott's life.
I bought a package of 22 diapers about 22 days ago.  We decided he would wear one each night until we used all of them.  He has woken up dry every single morning for this entire package of diapers.  We probably could have done this a few weeks ago, but we figured we would just use all of them.  Mostly so I could write this blog post.

Last night was the night.

I was ever so slightly worried that he would wake up wet this morning, but he wasn't.  Thank goodness.
I stopped at the Gap on my way home from work today.  There was a headless mannequin in the store window that just happened to be wearing the same outfit as me.  I bought the shirt at that same Gap two weeks ago.  It was slightly embarrassing but mostly just funny.

I was wearing white capri jeans too.
We went out for dinner tonight.  Mostly I was tired after working all day, I didn't want to cook and I wanted  to eat steak.  But we said it was to celebrate the end of diapers.

We went to Texas Roadhouse. The kids got balloon art and I got meat.  Win-win.


Valerie said...

Way to go Elliott! How exciting. Man, no more diapers. Ever!!! That's an exciting achievement.

Maryellen said...

That is very exciting about Elliott!! I love the old picture of Spencer. What a cutie!! I love your GAP shirt. I think you should have taken a selfie in front of the window.

Jeannette said...

Man, it seems like both forever ago and just a blink ago that the boys looked like that.

Congratulations on the last diaper!

Sherry said...

Way to go, Elliott, on all these milestones...big and small! We love to celebrate them all. Your post reminded me of one more thing on my to do list since moving here...finding Brody a new preschool. Sigh. And I too have not ordered his birth certificate so yes, he is also the poor neglected second born. I guess I will order his and Mattox's at the same time since we will need his for school registration too. Ugh. Changing towns with kids is not easy. I had to find them new doctors, new dentist, new schools, new sports, new EVERYTHING! And yay for the end of diapers...unless you decide later in life to start all over again. Haha! I know that isn't likely. Maybe you could just adopt an older already potty trained child? ;-)