Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

OK, so technically these first few pictures are not from Super Bowl Sunday.  After his 5 hour nap on Saturday Elliott felt much, much better and he played pretty hard until bedtime.  Playing hard means there is definitely a shower before pajamas.  He wore his new monster robe (a birthday gift from our neighbors) for the first time.  It kept him nice and cozy.

On Super Bowl Sunday the entire valley woke up to fog.  It's hardly ever foggy here, so it was bizarre.  It really is too bad that we had such yucky weather for the two days before the Super Bowl with so many people visiting from out of state.  I heard that 80,000 people were expected to fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor the day after the game.  It was an all time record.  Now that everybody has gone home it's clear, sunny and close to 80 degrees. 
All of this burned off and disappeared by about 10 am and Sunday was actually a beautiful day with clear blue skies.

Ginger was not a fan of the weather and had no interest in getting out of bed.  She just wanted to sleep.  And sleep.  And sleep.

We had invited John and Maryellen over to watch the game so I spent a big chunk of the morning making food.  I also started a new 3-month work out program that focuses on using really heavy weights with less repetitions.  It's kind-of killer and I kind-of really like it.

Michael joked about wearing his football jersey from high school and I said that if he did I wouldn't make him throw it out for at least 6 more months.  We've been (joke) fighting about keeping this thing for at least 11 years.

I have absolutely no football shirts so I took a stick on patch from Elliott's room and improvised.

The first course was a chip-pocalypse.  Chips on chips on top of chips with more chips.

And some homemade guacamole and store bought mango salsa.
The second course was homemade chicken wings.  "Clean" wings for me, with a sauce made out of buffalo Tabasco and avocado oil,

And regular wings for everybody else with sauce made out of Frank's buffalo sauce and butter.
Elliott took another long nap that day and got up right after the game started.  It took him a while to get into a festive mood.
It helped when I let him take some pictures with my phone.  This is me and Maryellen.  Oh, and part of Elliott's finger.


Watching Katie Perry

The third, and main, course was (sugar-free) BBQ shredded beef that I made in the slow cooker, cole slaw (that I made with homemade olive oil mayo), purchased bacon pasta salad, bacon wrapped tater tots and seasoned fries.  It was tempting but I did not eat the pasta or the potatoes.

Somehow when I took pictures of the food, the camera got a smear on the lens.  Probably from grease floating around the air.  You can see it to the right of Elliott.  I didn't notice it until after we took all of our "official" Super Bowl pictures.

There was also a 4th course of homemade, frosted brownies, but by then I was tired and tired of taking pictures, so you just have to trust me.

All in all, it was a very fun day.  I don't give a damn about football whatsoever,  (Seriously. It could be banned in this country and I wouldn't even notice) but I do like the party atmosphere of Super Bowl.  It's just a good excuse to make some fun snacks and hang out with friends.


Sherry said...

Awe, what a cute little "clean" monster...gotta love it! I actually like Ginger's idea of a good Sunday...well I guess that is her idea of a good any day. Haha! And I am with you on not caring about football and I really never "celebrate" the Super Bowl with a party, but I do like the sound of all your goodies! That's probably my pregnant belly talking. Haha!

Jeannette said...

1. That robe is adorable and so is the monster in it.

2. Is Elliott wearing pink ears from Disney? That intrigues me.

3. What a spread! Looks like a delicious and fun time!

Cat said...

Per usual your food looks great!