Monday, February 23, 2015

Cough, cough, cough

So, about that title. Both kids have been sick for almost an entire week.  It's been as much fun as you might imagine.  Nobody slept well last week.  The kids have been sleeping better for the last two nights, but they are still coughing all night long, which wakes me up and keeps me up.  I'm almost at the point of a total mental meltdown from being under-rested for so long.  You'll have to excuse how disjointed this post is bound to be.  My  brain is slightly dysfunctional.  

Last Monday, before the kids were sick and we were still in Tucson, my brother brought his new old Nintendo over and hooked it up. It's new because it was just made and he just bought it.  It's old because it is an original Nintendo.  Some company is now making new old Nintendo's.  Can you believe it?

Anyway, he thought that Spencer might want to see the origins of Mario.

We drove home from Tucson that afternoon  It was President's day so nobody had work or school.  Spencer and I went to the orthodontist that afternoon.  That will be a huge post coming up this week. 

That night we were just about to put Elliott to bed when I realized it was the 16th and we hadn't done his 3 year 2 month photo shoot yet.  It's the first one I have almost missed.

I decided he could do it pantless and I would just crop the final one.


On Tuesday Elliott's eyes blew up.  He also started coughing this day.

On Wednesday he did some art on the floor.

On Thursday he coughed pretty much continuously the entire day and his eyes still looked horrible so I called and made a doctor's appointment for him for the next day.  And if you're wondering why Spencer is not in any of these pictures it's because he had a horrible week.  His asthma just gets so out of control whenever he has the slightest illness.  He was totally out of sorts all week.
\On Friday, while Michael took Elliott to the doctor where they found out that Elliott has "a cold", I worked.  I discovered a bird's nest in the fire alarm outside of my office.  I need to call and have somebody clear it out because those birds are in for a rude, "I'm dead now" surprise when that thing goes off.
That afternoon I made Elliott's new potty chart because we started real, serious potty training the next day.  That will also probably be its own post, but I will say that it's going better than we expected.
On Saturday I went to Target and Costco by myself because Spencer was still totally messed up with his asthma and we weren't letting Elliott leave the house in his newly undiapered state.  It was heavenly.  I made a joke on Facebook that it was 50 Shades of Bullseye.
I do have some fun posts in mind to write this week.  I just need to get some decent sleep before I can consider working on them.  My fingers are crossed and then brutally stomped on each night.


Valerie said...

Your 50 Shades of Bullseye post made me laugh an unreasonable amount of time.

Sherry said...

Okay, sign me up for that video game system! When you posted that on facebook, I just assumed he still had his original game system, but I can't believe there is a company selling them now. So exactly what kind of price are we talking? I was the queen of old school Mario! ;-) And Brody and Elliott can be twins again their matching cute Target bear shirts. I picked that one up on the sale rack several weeks ago. It is so cute! And way to go with the can't even tell he isn't wearing pants! Haha! Ugh, Elliott looks so pitiful in those pictures. I am so sorry they have both been battling the sickies. Yuck! But yay for Elliott on the potty training! I say 3 years old is really the magic age for most boys. Evan was a little before 3, but I think most just refuse to do it earlier. :-)