Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An unexplained absence

Sorry I disappeared for eight days.  I didn't intend to go into the blog witness protection program, it just happened.  Part of the problem was that that last week was super boring and I was being super lazy at night.   Sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV or lay in bed and pin stuff.  I'm sorry.  It's the truth.

I have some fun stuff to blog about from the holiday weekend, but first we're going to power through the pictures I have from last week.

I was incredibly tired last Tuesday because I had stayed up until all hours of the night doing nonsense.  Elliott wanted cereal for breakfast and after I poured it for him and was cleaning up the kitchen I couldn't find the cereal.  I finally located it in the refrigerator.  Ugh.  That's how you know you're sleep deprived.  
We were too late to walk to the bus stop that afternoon.  I let Elliott out of his car seat while we waited and he had a blast roaming around the back seat.  500 points for this mom.

It was 80+ degrees outside, so the kids had their snack outside while I pruned one of the trees.

On Wednesday we all had to leave early for Spencer's parent teacher conference which I had scheduled before school.  My kids looked so comfy in their clothes I just had to take a picture.  I wish I could dress like this and still look cute.

They both ran back and forth across the playground while we waited.

On Thursday we made Spencer's Valentine's for his classmates.  This was an easy but also tedious project.

I worked on Friday and took a selfie of my new Valentine's Day shirt.  Apparently mid-30's is the age in which I become a nerd and start enjoying wearing my own themed clothing.
After work that day we drove to Tucson for the weekend. Michael took the kids to a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza and I started working on food for the big 30th Houseversary the next day.
And that's what the next post will be about!  And I promise it will be approximately 47 times better than this one.


Valerie said...

It is almost terrifying how many similar things we buy for our birthday sharing boys. Oliver has that paw shirt AND the shoes he has on in that picture. Great minds, I tell you!! Would it be like a wormhole into another portal if I moved out there and we could shop together?!?!?

Jeannette said...

Those Valentine's were so super (ha! - get it?) cute! I'm sure the kids appreciated the labor that went into them. ;)

Also, I'm gonna go ahead and put a dibs on the boxer puppy shirt that Spencer is wearing. Clark needs that in his future.

Sherry said...

You don't have to explain to me about blog absences. Sigh. Lately I am the queen of long blog absences...and lame posts too. Hehe! We are definitely leading somewhat parallel lives with the couch sitting, TV watching, lying in bed, and pinning. Twins! That and the appreciation for Blue Moon seals it. ;-) And the picture of the boys in their cute outfits with your Valentine mantle decor also seals it because you know that is my favorite spot for pictures of the kids lately. However, I feel you are ahead of me on the appropriately holiday clothing so I must strive to do better in that department. ;-)

Sherry said...

"appropriately themed" :-)