Monday, February 9, 2015

A whole lot of kind of boring weekend stuff

We had our first genuinely warm day of the year last Thursday, on February 5th.  It was disgusting.  I got home from work and the house was actually hot.  I had to turn on ceiling fans and the kids were running around in shorts.  It's now been in the low 80's for 5 days with no sign of it cooling off.  Blech.  Disgusting.
We drove down to Tucson on Friday after I was done with work.  It was the first time that Elliott used his new headphones from Santa.  We expected that he would pull them right off, but he did great and used them for the entire trip.  The car was so quiet!

Once we got to my parents house we had to do Spencer's 7 year 5 month photo shoot.  I had a "spend $25 save $10" coupon from Old Navy last week and this shirt ended up being $3.  He's a big fan.

The photo shoot ended up being one of those, "Oh my god, Spencer, I know you can smile better than this.  You are 7 years 5 months old for crying out loud" kind of sessions.

Official.  Whatever.
My parents had just returned, that day, from an almost month long trip.  They went to Chile, on a cruise around the horn of South America and to Argentina.  They had been home for just a few hours when we showed up.  There was very little fresh food in the house to begin with and then a car hit a power pole a few blocks away and the electricity went out, so after sitting in the dark for an hour we decided to go to dinner.  Yes, that was all one sentence.

Nick met us at dinner.  Then Michael took the kids and my mom home to put all of them to bed.  My parents had been awake for about 40 hours at this point.  But despite the exhaustion, my dad and I went to Nicks house and played Cards Against Humanity and then went grocery shopping.

On Saturday morning I made chocolate pudding cups with cherry sauce and then red velvet cookies.  Elliott needed to test the cookie dough to make sure it was OK.

That afternoon and evening we had a really fun get-together at Chelsea and Mike's new house.  But I never actually took my phone or my camera out of my purse.  I guess that really is a sign of a good time.  Or, of there being a bunch of rowdy and needy kids in the house.

That night Spencer slept with the sleep mask my dad gave him.  It was from their long flight home from Argentina. He claims it helped him sleep really well and he's going to use it every night from now on.  He was deeply asleep here.
On Sunday my dad and I did a lot of grocery shopping for the upcoming Houseversary party I'm making them have.  We left to come home in the afternoon.

I did all of our Valentine's Day decorating on the 1st before the Super Bowl.  Here's a sneak peak.

I had to work today to do a make-up day for my aid. I saw this posted on facebook.  I totally love it.
I do not totally love that it was 92 degrees when I got in my car after work.  It quickly dropped to 87 degrees (Ooh! Chilly!) but still.


Jeannette said...

Really? I didn't comment on this already? I know I read it. Anyway - do you ever get the feeling that we "used up" all of the genuine smiles our children had to offer by taking 100,000 pictures of them already? I feel like that sometimes when I'm BEGGING Ellie to just frickin' look at the camera and give me a real smile. Is it really that hard?

Sherry said...

Ugh, 80's in February probably does not mean good things for your summer, huh? And what is it about that first picture of Spencer and Elliott in their headphones...Spencer actually looks younger than Elliott there. Don't tell him I said so though. Haha! And you know I love $3 Brody's $3 H&M diamond sweater he loves. :-) Yep, I have had a few similar experiences with Evan lately with the lame smiling. Sigh. 7 year old boys, huh? Oh and how long did it take for Spencer's front teeth to come in? We are now over two months without front teeth over here, and I am ready for the teeth to come in. We already had to wait "forever" for him to lose them and now we are waiting for his permanent teeth to come in! And oh my, red velvet cake mix makes a pretty dramatic cake face, huh? Looks like a little zombie who just had some yummy brains for breakfast! ;-)

Cat said...

I could NOT play that game with MY dad. So is Feb a good month to visit? Lol