Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finally back to "normal"

Last week was the first week I felt like we were back on a normal schedule and nothing holiday or post holiday-ish happened. 

On Monday I taught my second Art Masterpiece lesson in Spencer's class.  It is the most difficult and obnoxious and loooooooong lesson of the six first grade lessons and I'm glad it's done.  

Spencer's finished masterpiece
On Tuesday I continued with more general organizing.  I had never transferred all of my cell phone pictures from my old phone from a file on the computer to the Olympus software I use to store all of our pictures.  I decided on that random day to finally do it. 
On Wednesday I bought a memory card for the new camera we just bought with Christmas money.  This is the first ever picture taken with our new Canon.  My first two (and only two) digital cameras have been Olympus.  So far I'm pretty happy with the Canon.
On Thursday I made the invitations for the Houseversary I'm forcing my parents to have.  They went out in the mail the next day.

I worked on Friday and we drove down to Tucson right after I finished for the day.  Elliott had his monthly photo shoot down there.

3 years 1 month

It was a pretty boring week, but after weeks and weeks and weeks of being overly busy and doing way too much, it was nice to be back to normal.


Sherry said...

Spencer's masterpiece is awesome! And I have always been a Canon girl so I hope you like yours! I have a Samsung phone question that has been giving me a major headache. I cannot download any of my phone videos to my computer. When I connect the phone to the computer I cannot even see the videos (just the pictures). It really makes me so nauseous because I like to have some videos to remember what the kids are doing and saying these days. I have so many videos of Evan when he was young talking and doing funny stuff, and I need those videos of Brody too. I capture a lot of that stuff with my phone. Have you had any trouble seeing and downloading videos from your phone? You can shoot me a facebook message or e-mail on that one. ;-)

Jeannette said...

Spencer's mom, you're so pretty! I mean, wow, thanks for all your effort! (what every kid in that class is thinking, right?)

For your next Q&A post - what do you do with all of your kids' artwork? How long do you keep it? I take pictures of some and then recycle them (shhh), and put the masterpieces aside.