Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Day

Elliott, delightfully, slept in on Christmas Day.  We actually all woke up when Spencer bounced out of bed at 8:15.  He was excited to the max.  But luckily he is also easy going and he was fine with waiting while we had some homemade egg nog.

I have no idea why Spencer is making this face, other than that he can't seem to take any pictures without making weird faces these days.  I think it's a 7 year old boy thing.
My mom always makes homemade egg nog on Christmas morning.  It wouldn't be Christmas morning without it.

After our brief refreshment it was time for presents!
Elliott opened one present, this one, and then refused to open any more.  He would shriek and cry and refuse whenever anyone brought him something.  It was totally lovely and made me really happy to think of all the money we had spent on him.  Spencer ended up (happily) opening all of his presents. 

Spencer made us this snow globe at school.

He refused to open presents, but he did not refuse to play with his presents.

Spencer wanted me to take his picture with Jabba (from Uncle Nathan and Aunt Kendra).
He was copying Jabba's look here. I think this is my absolute favorite picture of all time.  I'm printing and framing it.  Soon.

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Kendra got Elliott this megaphone voice changer.  It is as obnoxious as you might imagine.

After presents we ate breakfast.
And then I remembered to take Christmas morning pictures with this kids.  These were Spencer's favorite presents.

And Elliott's

He insisted on holding this dog, which was not a present, to take a picture looking at the camera.

After pictures we all relaxed a bit, then we got ready, then we headed to Michael's parents house.

First things first, we got an official Christmas day family picture for our Christmas memories book.


Time for MORE presents!

After we did presents the rest of the guests arrived.  I missed getting a picture of Diane and Galen though,

My mom and dad

Michael's Uncle Gary and Aunt Linda

Nick and Michael doing the brother-in-law head tilt.
The rest of the day was a whirlwind of eating, drinking and laughing.

It was all too much for Ginger who found a warm, cozy place to curl up for a Christmas Day nap.


Cat said...

Minus the crying, it looks like you all had a nice Christmas. :)

Jeannette said...

Bahahaha, Spencer's face in that nog picture. Too funny! And, oh, Elliott. You're 3 through and through, aren't you?

What a lovely Christmas! Speaking of lovely, that color top is great on you!

Sherry said...

Thank goodness for kids who sleep in on Christmas morning, huh? And I don't know how long it has been since I have had egg I was a very young child. It just doesn't seem to be as popular here. That cup looks so yummy that I really must have some soon! Oh, yes, I think it is a 7 year old boy thing although I do think Spencer has some very special "weird faces" like that first picture where he looks like the Hulk. Haha! Oh thank goodness for little boys who refuse to open presents too. Haha! At least he did enjoy playing with them. I actually haven't wrapped many of the boys' Christmas presents in years past and perhaps that was a good idea seeing this. I wrapped some this year, and both boys seemed to appreciate opening them. Ginger seemed to be particularly exhausted by the whole process of opening presents. Haha! Oh and remind Uncle Nathan and Aunt Kendra that payback is coming for all the lovely and obnoxious gifts. ;-) And again I failed at taking a Christmas Day family picture. Sigh. One more like...I really like that your families (both yours and Michael's) all celebrate together. Am I right that Michael's parents came to your parents' on Christmas Eve, and your parents joined you all at Michael's parents' on Christmas Day. That's how it seemed to play out in these posts. That just seems so special to me. :-)