Monday, October 13, 2014

The last week of fall break

Spencer goes back to school on Wednesday.  I think we are all ready for fall break to be done.  It is really nice that he gets 2.5 weeks off, but since we didn't take a big trip it has been enough time at home.

Last Tuesday my friend Lisa came over for lunch.  We had a really nice time together. I didn't take any pictures while she was here though, so you will have to take my word for it.

I did take this picture in the dining room.  It was the only picture I took all day.
Our Wednesday plan was to go to the splash pad and then to stop at Jamba Juice after.  It was fitting then that we got a big storm that day.  There was lots of rain and the high was in the low 70's.  It was lovely, but not really the right conditions for the splash pad.

Instead we drove downtown to get flu shots at Michael's office.  He works close to the fair grounds.  We saw them setting up the ferris wheels for the state fair as we drove by.

After flu shots we went to the mall.  We walked around and played in the play area.
Then we went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for smoothies.  I have never been to one of those before.  They had a good looking menu.  I might have to go back.
When we got home Elliott took a nap, Spencer played Mario and I made banana chips.  They were tasty.  I just sliced the bananas, brushed them with lemon water, sprinkled them with cinnamon, and baked them at 250 degrees for an hour, flipped them and baked for another hour.

When Michael got home from work we put up the spider web that I bought after Halloween last year.
And then, right before bed, we took pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.  My mom wanted a Halloween picture to put in a frame and we figured we might as well make it current.

I worked on Thursday.  Dorothy (our sitter) took the kids to the mall.  They got chocolate lollipops from Sees Candy.  Elliott made a huge mess with his.
We have been eating dinner in the dining room and lighting the candles in there during dinner.  That night this Halloween tea light holder caught on fire and nearly burned the house down.  It was totally terrifying.  I used baking soda to put it out.

On Friday John and Maryellen had us over for dinner.  Elliott kept putting his hand on Maryellen's shoulder as if he was soothing her.

He kept doing it over and over and over because he knew we liked it.
On Saturday we went to Monica and Rick's house for dinner.  I took zero pictures.

On Sunday we went back to the mall.  Monica wanted me to check on the price of Sees Candy to put in the welcome bags at their wedding NEXT WEEK!

I also finally made a centerpiece to put in the tea tin I bought last year,
and put flannel sheets on all the beds.  As long as we don't have blankets and still use fans, it's not too hot.  I still love these sheep sheets I bought when Spencer was two.

We also put on Ginger's fall collar.

When I changed Spencer's sheets I finally made the call that his two body pillows have to go.  There is just no fluff left in them.  I put them in the dining room before moving them to the garage.

It took about an hour but then somebody made herself comfy on them.

So we decided to keep one of them as an extra bed for her.  Ginger has actually reached old lady hood and is no longer jumping on the couch and without the two couches available to her, she needed another cozy place to sleep.

Michael was off of work today so we went to the Science Center.

The kids had no problem with that huge, nasty snake at Out of Africa, but neither of them wanted anything to do with this millipede.

We had a lot of fun warping our faces.

Spencer got a morse code and amateur radio tutorial.

Since Michael was with us we could finally take pictures of the forces of nature show.  This was during the heat wave.

Wind from a hurricane.

Rain from a summer monsoon.

Shout out to speech therapy!

I took a genetic inheritance quiz and found out that I am truly one of a kind.  Go me!
We went to a sandwich place in Tempe once we left the Center.  They had these awesome butterfly chairs that were terribly uncomfortable.

The final stop of the day was at the orthodontist.  It has been 18 months since Spencer stopped using his mask and had his palate expander taken out.  They took new x-rays.
He basically told us that Spencer's mouth is totally jacked and it will cost 2.1 million dollars to fix.  He wants us back in 4 months.  Great.
Tomorrow is the last day of break.  We actually have some fun things planned.  It's going to be a nice end to this somewhat too long of a school vacation.


Sherry said...

I love how you plan so many fun things to do during your school breaks. I would likely just be all lazy the whole two weeks. Haha! Ah, the fair. I really have a love/hate relationship with it. I always want to love it, but I hate the rides (they all make me sick), the thought of petting the animals and then kids eating afterwards grosses me out (although I am super careful about hand washing), and the games and stuff are always such money traps. Sigh. I would really love to just be able to enjoy it like everyone else though. Sigh. Are we alike in this? Are you a fair person? Now, the banana chips I could definitely be a fan of. They look very yummy and addicting. Oh my goodness, those boys do make mustaches look cute. They are the cutest Mario and Luigi ever! Brody would love these costumes since he is the "Wuigi" fan (freak?). Haha! Yeah, that ghost candle definitely looks scary now. I hope you kept it like that as part of your spooky decor! You are so brave to use flannel sheets. Even here where our evening temps get much cooler, I can't do it. My boys would sweat like crazy, and I likely would too. And yes, Ginger definitely needed another bed! Haha! In their defense, millipedes are kind of creepy looking. With all of our similarities, I was curious to see how alike we would be on the genetic inheritance test. I got five of your traits. I am female (of course), my earlobes are attached, my eyes are green (which I don't think I realized before we both have green eyes), no widow's peak, and light skin. I am not sure about the smell one. What is alpha-adrostenone? Ugh, I would hate that news from the orthodontist. We are expecting possible braces for Evan if he continues to have Daddy's traits. I never had any major dental needs except my recent wisdom teeth extraction (non-surgical). They actually came in fine, but I felt that my mouth was too tight in the back which caused me to clench my jaw and grind my teeth more which would cause more problems down the road. I really feel like it was a good decision to just be rid of them. I really hate that Spencer will have to go through more dental procedures but just think of how pretty his smile will be (like his mama's). :-)

Cat said...

I love how it's December and I'm finally reading about your October break. Oops! I may be slow, but I am a dedicated follower. :)