Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sliced and sprayed

Yep.  Sliced and sprayed.  That pretty much sums up our first Wednesday of fall break.

I have been going to the dermatologist for a skin check once a year for about the last 10 years.  I had my check last October and actually made the appointment for October 1st, 2014 at that time.  I had the little appointment card taped on the refrigerator for an entire year.  I dropped the kids off at Monica's mom's house before the appointment.  She works from home but not until the afternoon and she lives 2 blocks from the dermatologist.  Perfect!

Just keeping it real here on the ol' blog.
She found two suspicious moles, one on my back and one on my thigh that she cut out and sent to the lab for testing.  She also took a slice of a little bump on my nose.  That's actually what she called it.  A slice.  She put a band-aid on it but it didn't even bleed.  I think it will be totally healed by the beginning of next week.

The kids and Kathy ate cereal and watched cartoons while I was going under the knife.
After my appointment we headed to Tempe so that we could finally go to the Tempe Beach Park Splash Pad.  We've been meaning to go for years but just haven't.  We have heard from so many people that it is the coolest splash pad, like, ever.

First we walked over to the the lake to check out the dirty water.

Then we headed to the splash pad where we immediately saw a sign announcing that the splash pad was closed for the season.  Well damn.  Every other splash pad in the entire Phoenix metropolitan area is open until the end of October.  Damn, damn, damn.

Good bye splash pad.  Maybe we'll try you out on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

A quick google search told us that we were about a mile from Jaycee Park, so we headed over there.

As is the case whenever we go to the splash pad, Spencer jumped right in and had a blast and Elliott waited until right before we were going to leave to get excited about the water.

After the splash pad we came home, had lunch and Elliott went down for a nap.  He didn't sleep.  Again.  He hasn't slept during his nap in over a week.  I'm scared.

Then we went to Spencer's 7 year-old well child checkup.  I didn't take any pictures because we were only in the room for 2.4 seconds before the doctor came in.  Despite the asthma and allergies and eczema Spencer is pretty healthy and doing fine.  He weighed in at a WHOPPING 44.6 pounds and is 44.25 inches tall.  He is solidly in the 10th percentile for height and weight.  On our home scale he did get up to 46 pounds over the summer but then he got sick a few weeks ago and lost 1.5 pounds.  The doctor also mentioned that his eczema probably eats up a ton of calories when it flares.  I'd never considered that.  We might have to make him drink cream and add butter to all his food.

After his appointment we came home and I decided to change out the fabric on the entertainment center cabinets. When this furniture belonged to my parents my dad had speakers in there and there was speaker fabric in the door.  I put this fabric in when Spencer was about two.


I used the same fabric that I used to make this little curtain for the open center shelves.  We keep all of our hand weights in there and I was ready to have them be covered.
A friend gave us some hand me down clothes and Elliott saw these jammies and wanted to wear them.  Eh, what the heck.  We run the AC at night and he has 2 fans (ceiling and table) in his room.
And finally.  Ginger was a lazy bum last night.  Not like that is different from any night, but she was a particularly cute lazy bum.

Week 1 of fall break is almost done.  Week 2 has lot of fun stuff planned!


Sherry said...

You and I are again so alike except maybe that you don't procrastinate like I do. Sigh. I have really needed to go to the dermatologist for a while now I suspect for the same reasons as you...just too pale for our climate conditions. Do most of your problem areas occur on your face and neck? That's where I have issues and just several have popped out over the last couple of years. I thought some were pregnancy related too. I just keep putting off going because I am going to so many other doctor's appointments lately with my primary care doctor and OB. I can't believe you guys can still enjoy splash parks in October. Ours all close in September. Brody is really missing the pool and water play of summer!

Jeannette said...

Prettiest derm office selfies ever! :)

Cat said...

you are a busy bee!