Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall and Halloween decorations- 2014

That is a very specific title.  It pretty much insures we will only be talking about 1 thing......the upcoming gubernatorial election.  Just kidding.  Of course we will be taking a fantastic tour of Fall and Halloween trinkets in and around our house.

Our neighborhood is pretty big on outdoor Halloween decorating.  Last year was our first Halloween in this house and we felt very unfestive compared to our neighbors.  We got some lights to hang up and a big plastic jack-o-lantern.  This year we added a big cob web and an equally large spider.

I got the mat for a few dollars after Halloween last year.
Oh, and I forgot, Spencer picked out this little ghost because both of our windsocks broke.  I hate it when things that I purchased more than a decade ago don't last indefinitely.

The tour continues inside.

The inside of the front door.

Living room

Dining room.

It's so lovely with all of the decorations that we've been making an effort to eat dinner in here, because what's the point of having a dining room if it's not used?

I bought the tea tin last year specifically so I could use it for decorating this year.

By the way, have I mentioned that Nick gave us his old wine refrigerator?

Entry way

Hallway closet

Hallway bathroom

I bought both of the soap dispensers from Bath and Body works several years ago.  I was really hoping to get another one for the kitchen this year, but apparently they sold out the fist day they were available.  In early September.

Entry way to the kitchen/family room

Above the kitchen sink

This was my solution to the no soap dispense problem.

I just bought this for $1 at Ace Hardware.  Who knew that Ace even had holiday decorations?

And that is that.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I take pictures of the decorations every year, but I very rarely put stuff up in the same places year to year.  I think it's less boring that way.  I'm already excited to do Thanksgiving decorations, followed by, yipee, Christmas decorations.


Valerie said...

You have the most beautiful home, inside and out.

Sherry said...

Yep, as stated previously, you definitely decorate more for holidays than anyone I know. :-)

Jeannette said...

Love it, love it, love it! Your decorations almost negate the fact that it's probably near 90 degrees there. I'm still enjoying decorating with fake leaves inside while looking out my windows at real ones though. Old habits die hard, right?

Cat said...

LOVE! So when I retire, one year I will come for Halloween and another year, I will come just before Christmas so I can see all the decorations, but be out of your hair for the holiday. :)