Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brunch and fall craft

Way back at the beginning of the year I signed up to host my ladies group for the month of October.  I didn't really think of a plan for what to do until a few weeks ago.  I decided to keep it simple and just make brunch followed by a fun fall craft.

This is what I settled on doing.
I didn't take pictures of any of the food but I made a delicious spread.  Everything I served was grain free, dairy free, sugar/sweetener free and soy free.  I made scrambled eggs with basil, sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil, tomato and avocado slices with homemade olive oil/garlic/basil aioli, fresh fruit, bacon and date sweetened brownies.

I did take a bunch of pictures of our craft.  I found round candle holders at the dollar store, so we used those instead of mason jars.  I think they were even better because they were round, like a pumpkin.

This is mine!

We wanted to take individual pictures with our candle jack-o-lanterns.

Michael and the kids were at a picnic for Spencer's aikido class, so we used the timer on my phone to take a group shot.  Sometimes my phone changes the color of pictures without my permission.  I don't know why and I don't know how to stop it.

This one came out pretty cool though.

We had the idea to take a picture of our globes in the same order that we were standing.
Then somebody asked if I had a solid color background we could use.  And I do have just the form of a shower curtain!

This is the behind the scenes look.

Maryellen left me a surprise on my phone.
Michael went to a bachelor party for Rick on Saturday night, so the kids and I were alone.  We ended up playing on Spencer's bed for a long time.  They would hide under the covers and then pop up and "scare" me.

We also enjoyed the new jack-o-lantern.

And other candles too.


Sherry said...

Man, you are crafty! The jack-o-lantern candles are too cute. I think Mary Ellen just sounds like such a fun lady, and her pumpkin's face seems to mirror her personality. Haha! So are all your friends as OCD as you are? The pumpkins having to be in the same order is just too funny. I think it would be a shame if you had not hosted the October get-together since I am pretty sure you decorate for the season more than anyone on earth. :-)

Jeannette said...

Seriously, your version of the craft was SO much more festive than the "as directed" one. Very nice! Also, I'm intrigued by the gremlins that apparently operate your camera timer.

Cat said...

I love that you do all these crafty things with your friends. I'm a little jealous ha ha.