Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spencer comparisons

Back in July, as I was preparing to leave on my trip to the East coast, I pre-wrote some blog posts so that they could magically appear while I was gone.  One of them was about Spencer's 1st day of 1st grade.  It posted on July 30th, the day I landed in Boston.  You can refresh your memory HERE   I laughed, heartily, when Jess left a comment on August 1st asking why I hadn't done any comparison pictures of the 1st day of kindergarten and the 1st day of 1st grade.  Then, when I saw her a few days later when we went to the Yankee Candle Metropolis, I told her that I really had wanted to do comparisons, there just wasn't enough time before I left.  And that is the truth.  I wanted to, but it takes a fair amount of time to load the pictures into picmonkey, make the collages, save them and then load them into blogger.  Some day a really smart mother is going to invent some awesome technology to just streamline all of this picture business (preferably it can be completed just thinking about it), but that day has not happened, so now, 2 months later, I present,

comparison collages!

We take 13 pictures to compare on the 1st and last day, but I only made 5 collages.  I thought that was enough.

Kindergarten is on the left in the shark shirt.  1st grade is on the right in the astronaut monkey shirt.

And just for fun, Spencer on all of his first days of school.  Three years of preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade.
Moving on.

I've been planning on writing this post for 2 months.  I thought it would also be a good time to do Spencer's monthly picture collage for 6 to 7.  I went to open his old ones.  First it took me a good 20 minutes to find the folder where they were saved and then, once I found the collages, I realized I had never made one for 5 to 6.  Good lord!  So, I present 2 years of monthly picture collages.

I also realized that I have never made a monthly picture collage for Elliott.  What have I been doing?  Have I lost my mind?  It's been taken care of now, so I can sleep easily tonight, but jeez.  I am disappointed in myself.

In case you're interested, I didn't miss a single picture on the 6th for the last two years.  The last time I messed up and took it on the 7th was between ages 4 and 5.  You can read the post in which I first did these collages two years ago HERE.


jess said...

i love it!!!!

Jeannette said...

Damn, I love me some comparison pictures.
I swear it's only when I look at these sort of things (of my own children or others') that I realize that the kids do, in fact, look different than they had before. Craziness.
Also, I'm sure it wouldn't take any time off of your collage processing, but I always just make a powerpoint slide for mine and save as a jpeg to upload. Just throwing another option out there.

Sherry said...

Whew, I don't know how you keep up with all these comparison pictures! And yes, I can totally appreciate the extra work that goes into making them. ;-)