Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ancient history: part 4

U.G.H.   Ugh, ugh, ugh. 
There wasn't even supposed to be an ancient history part 4.  Two weeks ago, aka, the last time I wrote a post, I was totally caught up.  I was ready to move on to something other than a catch up post.  But then I got caught in a time warp and let 14 days go by in between posts. I think I have a theory for what is happening.  For the last 3 years I worked Tuesday and Thursday.  This year I am working Thursday and Friday.  It has completely messed up my week.  I'm having a hard time getting used to working 2 days in a row and then being off for 5 days.  It's not a bad schedule at all, it's just very different than what I am used to and it is taking a long time to adjust. 

So, I'm going to throw 2 weeks worth of stuff into 1 post and then move on to fun birthday stuff.

On Sunday, August 24th Ginger was attacked by a cat in our backyard.  See it standing over by the slide?  She didn't even try to defend herself.  She just ran away.  Then I sprayed the cat with a hose.
Spencer had school pictures on Monday, August 25th.  He had 2 very loose teeth and I was just crossing my fingers they didn't fall out before his pictures.
This was the trial run.  2 weeks later I still haven't gotten anything back from the school.  I'm annoyed by that.
The bottom tooth on his right fell out that night.

He was excited about the tooth fairy coming to visit.
Tuesday, August 26th
Spencer always goes to bed wearing pajamas.  They last less than 3 minutes.

Elliott didn't want to get up that morning so Spencer climbed in with him for some cuddles.
I voted that afternoon.
Spencer had an early release day on Wednesday, August 27th so I took them out for lunch.
On Friday, August 29th we drove to Tucson.  The kids spent the night with Michael's parents and Michael and I stayed at my parent's house.  For the whole weekend.  It was a marvelous set up.

On Saturday, August 30th we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  We were the only people there for about 6 minutes.
We bought new U of A clothes while we were in Tucson.
Elliott had been a pain to sleep with on Friday night so on Saturday night we brought Spencer the crib mattress from my parents house.  Ginger enjoyed it after dinner.

On Sunday, August 31st Spencer lost his top tooth.  The other top tooth is also loose so very soon he is going to be missing 4 teeth.

He had to call out to the tooth fairy to let her know he was in Tucson.
On Tuesday, September 2nd Elliott started a new class with Parks and Rec.  He really enjoyed it.

At lunch that day he asked me to turn off the sun.
We went to Mimi's cafe for dinner that night and he kept putting his napkin on his head and saying he was Maryellen.
Once again, on Wednesday September 3rd, Elliott had a hard time getting up in the morning.  He might not be so tired if he used his nap times to sleep instead of to sing and talk to himself.
He is dang cute when he can't wake up though.
That morning we went to a new splash pad.

That was really not too bad.  I don't know what I have been so afraid of doing that.
Up next:  My 35th birthday and Spencer's 7th birthday


Jeannette said...

Phew. Welcome back! Looking forward to the birthday posts!

Sherry said...

Yep, that Spencer is making me rethink my opinion of snaggle tooth kids. I have sort of been dreading the more snaggle tooth look, but he is making me think it is actually quite cute. ;-) And I am always a big fan of that Elliott's silliness!