Monday, September 15, 2014

A Mario party for a 7 year old

Spencer turned 7 on Saturday, September 6th.  I'm not quite sure how we got to this point.  He was just born like 3 years ago.  I seem to have been in a coma or a time warp for more than half of his life.
The day started with some brother cuddles.
Followed by a visit and a gift from Winston.  He's such a sneaky and considerate elf.

Then I made Spencer re-create waking up in his decorated room so I could capture the magic.

After a quick breakfast we all got in our Mario shirts to head to Spencer's party.  Well, all of us except Elliott.  Michael's parents came up from Tucson to spend some special time with him because he has too much attitude for a 7 year old's birthday party.
After Spencer's blow-out golden birthday party last year (where we had 50+ people at our house) we told him that birthdays from here on out will be small affairs.  We said he could invite 3 friends from school and we would go to a jumping place or bowling or the movies.  He picked jumping. 
It took him about a week to come up with his guest list.  One day I asked him if he had made his guest list yet and he said he was having a hard time figuring out who to invite because he wanted to invite people who were friends but also good listeners.  That's my rule following boy.
We met his friends and their parents at the jumping place at 10:00.  The kids jumped until noon.

The crew:
Spencer, Sydney, Ivy and Adrian
After they were done jumping, Ivy's dad drove her to our house and I took the rest, in 3 booster seats across the back seat.  They were hilarious and goofy on the way home. 
We kept the decorations very simple.  I printed these, glued them to construction paper and hung them in the kitchen.
This is just a halloween mask. 
We let the kids play for a bit while we got lunch ready.
Then they all washed up,
and ate pizza and fruit for lunch.  Elliott got to join the big kids.

After lunch it was time for a game. 

Goofy pictures of silly kids.

And some silly parents too. 

Cake time
I made this cake the night of my birthday.  There will come a day when I don't have to do that and, honestly, I will probably be sad about it.
It was dark chocolate with strawberry frosting and it was magnificent.

After cake all of the parents arrived to take their kids home and the party was done by 2:00.  We were done cleaning up by 2:30.  It was pretty wonderful.  I don't know why we've been having these big parties for so long.
After some rest and relaxation Spencer opened all of his presents from his family.
Money from Jerry and Lois

Money for college and a Wii game from Gramme and Grandpa
Money and a shirt from Grandma and Papa

And the rest of it from mom, dad, Elliott and Ginger.
I bought this in June.
This too.
Another Wii game

I got this at Costco in July

And a frameable picture with Grandma and Papa
Then it was time to put on the new 7 shirt for the 7 year old boy pictures.
Location number one wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

Location number 2 was better.
And we can't forget the blocks!

That evening Spencer got to go out for a special dinner with his grandparents.  And I got to go out with my friends to celebrate my birthday.
Maryellen and I had BIG margaritas because Lauren was driving!
After dinner we went to the movies.  We saw If I Stay.  After the movie this was the best selfie we could get.
Brenda wasn't satisfied with it and asked a kid to take our picture.  
And then, another double birthday celebration came to an end.  Next year, when I turn 36 and Spencer turns 8 our birthdays are on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  I think we should start planning a fun trip to celebrate!


Sherry said...

I blame sleep deprivation for it all going so fast! I mean, that must be it, right? ;-) Man, your elf really goes above and beyond, huh? Overachiever! Hehe! And Spencer did a super job "acting" surprised...future career, maybe? And seriously, I don't know how you always find all matching theme shirts all the time. Hmmm, now who's really the overachiever. ;-) But seriously, that is the PERFECT birthday party for me. After all of these crazy birthday kid fests with tons of kids and parents, I just want calm and relaxing. I love that Spencer chose more girls than boys. Evan is like that and has just as many girl friends as boy friends at school. I hope they stay like that and can be friends with everyone. And seriously, the kid has got to have the coolest t-shirt collection of any kid his age! :-) Happy lucky 7th, Spencer a.k.a. snaggletooth boy!!!

Cat said...

I just bought the book "If I Stay" because I heard the movie was good. Was it? Looks like Spencer had a good birthday and you had a good evening out. :)