Sunday, September 14, 2014

35 (gulp!)

I turned 35 on Friday, September 5th.  I had no problem turning 30 or 31 or 32 or 33 or 34.  But 35 is a different story.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I am 5 years away from 40.  It just seems so very.......mature.
I was originally supposed to work on my birthday.  I ended up taking the day off because Spencer had a doctor's appointment at Phoenix Children's Hospital that day.  We are trying to get him into a research study for a new non-steroidal eczema cream and we had no choice as to when the first appointment was.  We knew it was going to be long (meaning it would be a bad idea to have Elliott join us) so the best option was for Michael to stay home with Elliott, Spencer and I to go to the appointment and for me to do a make-up day for work later in the month.  Nobody had to twist my arm to not work on my birthday.
Michael was kind enough to let me sleep and he went to get donuts and iced coffee.  I am being very, very strict with my eating until Monica's wedding at the end of October so this was my last weekend to eat sugar.

I had a pumpkin pie donut.  It wasn't actually very good. 
Spencer wore his 6 shirt to school since it was his last day to be 6.
Michael and Elliott took Spencer to school and then they went to get the oil changed in the car.  I got to stay at home and lounge around.  It was the best morning ever.  Then I went to Target to shop for my own birthday presents.
From there I picked Spencer up from school and we headed for the appointment.  It ended up being close to 3 hours long.

We spent the afternoon just doing lazy stuff and then we tried to take a family picture using the timer on my phone camera.
We are slow learners.  We got a bunch like this,

before realizing it would work better if we turned the phone the other way.
Heeeeeeey!  Look at that!
Then we headed to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  That's 3 years in a row.  It's kind of a thing now.  I got a tropical martini, which was the best part about dinner.  I wasn't a huge fan of my meal. 

We got a piece of cheesecake to share.  It had chocolate and peanut butter cups and butterfinger in it.  I should have just had 3 of these for dinner.

Back home.  Time for presents!
These are the things that I carefully selected for myself.
I got a Mario shirt for Spencer's Mario party the next day.  I had been looking for 2 weeks.  I finally found a child's XL at Target that worked.
Sports bras
Work out shirts
Work out pants
Michael picked this out for me all on his own.
A new hand held mixer.  The one was have now I bought when I was 21 and first living on my own.  It still works but it has lost it's power and the cords are starting to fray.
And an oversized card from my parents.
I have to say that even though I wasn't pleased about the age, I was very pleased with the day.  It was a perfect way to turn (gulp) 35.


Valerie said...

I'll make sure I say it again...Happy birthday my sweet friend! I hope you had a wonderful day (and Spencer did too!!!).

Seriously, I hope this new study is able to provide Spencer some much needed relief. Bleach baths and constant pain must be awful for him.

Sherry said...

I think we must continue to celebrate our birthdays in a similar manner. It just feels right, you know? And I agree that we should just get all dessert because I never really want to eat my food there because I am so ready for dessert! I always eat half mine at the restaurant and save the other half to enjoy later. ;-) And how jealous am I that you got a yummy beverage for your birthday? Sigh. You chose good and noble presents for yourself...I commend you on choosing those that aid in your healthy lifestyle! It will pay off when you still look 25 at age 40! ;-)

Cat said...

You look great! I had my annual pumpkin pie donut today, but I have to say mine was GOOD. I kind of want another one, but it's back to eating healthy tomorrow. I did so well before the wedding, then I got off track so time to get back on the right path again.