Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Trip: Day 1

Here is the background you need to know before reading this post:
When I was a junior at the University of Arizona I participated in a semester of the National Student Exchange.  I went to the University of New Hampshire for 1 semester (the fall semester) in 1999.  While I was there my roommate was Megan.  We lived in Engelhardt Hall.  Cathy lived down the hallway and Jess also lived down the hallway, although they didn't live together.  In 2001 I went to visit them.  In 2005 I went again to visit them.  In 2007 Jess came to AZ to see me.  In 2010 Cathy came to see me in AZ and also that year I went back there to see them.  In 2013 Cathy came back to AZ to see me.  It is amazing that 15 years later I am still very good friends with all of them.
Jess got married to Vinny (who had also lived in Engelhardt Hall) in 2006 and I couldn't go because I was working full time and had no vacation time.  They live in New Hampshire.  Megan got married to Marc in 2012 and I couldn't go because Elliott was 3 months old and sick, sick, sick.  They live in Massachusetts.  Cathy got engaged 2.5 years ago, right after Elliott was born.  They were planning on a long engagement so it gave me plenty of time to plan on attending the wedding.  Cathy and her now husband live in New Hampshire. 
I had a red eye flight to Boston last Tuesday night.  It was the first time I had left my family since before Spencer was born.  Monica and Rick took me to the airport and took this picture before we left.
I landed at 6 am, which was 3 am for me.  I had dozed off for about 10 minutes on the flight.  Megan picked me up and we made the 45 minute drive to her house.
I changed into my pajamas, took this picture of the view through my window, crawled into bed and passed out.
I slept until noon and then forced myself to get up.  Megan and I ate "breakfast", talked, ate lunch, talked some more and then I took a shower and got ready while she went to run an errand.  While she was gone I dared to crawl back into bed.  Her dog, Duncan, joined me for a tiny little snooze.

After a delightful dinner at home with Megan and Marc, they took me to the drive-in theatre.  It was bright when we got there, so I took some pictures before the sun set and the movie (Lucy) started.

It was very chilly that night.  Even Megan and Marc were cold.  We all had sweatshirts and blankets to keep us warm.

We got some snacks from the snack bar.  Popcorn and ice cream make every movie going experience much more delightful.
And that was it for Day 1.  It was a perfect and perfectly leisurely day.  It was exactly what I needed after my flight and before 5 days of non-stop action.


Megan said...

Duncan can't believe he is featured on the blog! OK, really he's still asleep, but I know he will be psyched!

Cat said...

I'm impressed you made it to the drive in. Megan was supposed to take me there years ago, but I think she forgot. I have still never been.

Sherry said...

Awe, I know it was hard for you to leave the kids for so long the first time. I still haven't been able to do it although I imagine it is time for a mommy solo get away. ;-) And I would love to go to an old drive-in movie theater one day. It has been a "bucket list" hope of mine for a long time, but sadly, these little gems are so hard to find these days.