Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ancient history: part 3

It's actually not so ancient history right now, because I am only 1.5 weeks behind.  And all that needs to be done to be totally caught up is a journey through an incredibly hum-ho and boring week.   This week is also very heavy on Elliott.  It's pretty obvious who I spend most of my time with during the week.
We begin on Sunday, August 17th.  All of our company left in the morning and we spent the day doing laundry and just generally recovering.
I think we finally got dressed around 4 pm.
We also got a visit from my parents.
On Monday Elliott and I went to the library to return books and then took an unplanned trip to the park.  He ended up playing on the splash pad even though I had no dry clothes for him to change into afterwards.

That afternoon we went to pick Spencer up from the bus stop and Elliott was being very crabby.  I have a kid mode on my phone so I will turn that on and let him play on it when we are waiting for the bus and during aikido class.  Unfortunately the kid mode has a kid camera that I can not remove.
During our 5 minute wait he took 33 pictures like this:
and 3 pictures like this.  That's my face behind the seat, BTW.
On Tuesday we started potty training.  It did not go well and I gave up on it the next day.  He has no opposition to going on the toilet but he is completely unable to tell me before he needs to go.  And I refuse to "parent train" in which I have to put him on the toilet every 20 minutes and not be able to do anything but watch him in order to prevent an accident.  He's close, but not quite there. We're going to try again in 2 weeks.
That afternoon in aikido Elliott took 14 pictures like this.
On Wednesday we had to go to Target for actual household necessities (as opposed to just household wants), including toilet paper.  Elliott found it to be a good place for a break.

When we got home he spelled "Quaint" on the refrigerator.  He's a genius!
At the bus stop that afternoon he took 18 pictures of this,
and 7 like this
But he mixed in up once we were back at home with an artistic selfie,
and some decent shots of Ginger.

I worked on Thursday and Friday and when I work pictures do not get taken.  Take it up with Michael.
I made blueberry pancakes for dinner that night.  Elliott ate 5 of them.

And that is it.  I didn't actually take any pictures on Saturday, mostly because I spent the whole day trying to get the motivation to do something or anything, but mostly just spent all my time bumming around and doing not much of anything.   It was great.


Valerie said...

I keep meaning to message you about how potty training is going. I'm really not a fan. I wish they came out knowing how to go on the potty. Seriously. And with teeth. Teething sucks too.

Great job on the Ginger pics though. Elliott is going to be the next Annie Leibowitz!

Sherry said...

I love all the pictures from Elliott's perspective. We get lots of feet pictures here too. ;-) And with potty training boys, my experience has been they are more ready a little closer to 3 years old...especially when they are more on the stubborn side. :-)