Monday, May 19, 2014


The couples wedding shower is done!  It was a total success and I had a blast hosting it, but I'm glad that it's over.  Now I can focus on the end of the school year, Spencer's graduation, Michael's birthday and Father's Day.  It's going to be a busy month.
I will, of course, be writing an entire post about the party, but before that I wanted to talk about a few end of the week last week happenings.
Spencer had a crazy hat and sock day on Friday.

I made a double batch of cookie dough for the party.  This particular recipe is made with melted butter and must be refrigerated in order to bake correctly so I made it ahead of time.  I thought the tub-o-dough was funny.
Elliott was 2 years and 5 months on Friday.  We had a really busy day and didn't remember to do pictures until after dinner.  Spencer wore his crab shirt for his picture this month and I thought it would be cute to have them match for the month.
He was not enthusiastic about sitting in the chair.

So he sat on the deck.

And stood.
But then we bribed him with a chocolate egg and got him to sit in the chair.
May 2014
Spencer (6 years 8 months on the 6th) and Elliott (2 years 5 months on the 16th)
 I was prepared enough for the party ahead of time so I was able to attend my girl's get-together on Saturday morning.  I actually planned the party menu so that I would be able to do this since I knew months ago that both would be on the same day.
We met at the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix.  It was beautiful, but with a high of 104 degrees on Saturday, even at 10 am it was a little toasty. 


Lauren and I were faux posing for Senior pictures. 
After the gardens I made my 100th trip to a grocery store for a few more party things.  Then I rushed home because Michael's parents came up from Tucson to retrieve our children and they were leaving soon.
This was pretty much the best idea I have ever had in my entire life and was about 80% of the reason why the party was such a success.  A few weeks ago I decided that everything would go so much more smoothly without children here while we prepared for the party and held the party, so we sent them to Tucson.
All Elliott could talk about was driving in Grandma and Papa's new red car.  They were both very excited.

They left right around noon, which gave us 5 hours to get everything ready.  Things went so smoothly I was even able to sit down at 3:00 and have a snack and rest for a bit.  It was amazing.  I was totally ready for everything when the party started.  That hasn't happened since before Spencer was born.
So, since Elliott was sleeping in Tucson and not in our bed, we were able to put the rails down on our bed, make our bed and actually take nice pictures of our room.  I don't think I've ever shown pictures of our master bedroom because first, we didn't have drapes for a long time and second, even after we got drapes the bed is always so ugly and messy looking because of the rails.
So here you go.  Our bedroom, with drapes and no bed rails.

Yay!  Up next, the party!


Sherry said...

Man, you packed a lot into that post! Love Spencer's cool Goofy hat! That Elliott is just looking too big in his pictures. And you know I love the matching shirts. So cute! 104 degrees in May? Yikes! Sorry for that. The gardens look like a nice cool place to hang out though with all the shade and lots of green foliage. It sounds like you should be in the party planning business! Haha! I am glad you could finally share pictures of your bedroom. It looks so cozy and comfortable. Of course, you had to leave at least one little Elliott touch in the room or it just wouldn't be the right. :-)

Jeannette said...

Haha, I was going to comment on the Fisher Price house too. It just doesn't quite fit the decor theme. The room looks fabulous though!

Maryellen said...

The boys pictures are adorable!! I'm really impressed you were still able to go to the gardens even though you had a party that day!!