Monday, May 5, 2014

Mostly a wounded dog and home decorating

Last week seemed really busy, but while I was loading the photos it didn't seem like I had much to account for our activities.  I guess because it was more just "normal life" busy as opposed to "fun, photographable events" busy.

Last Monday I planted a bunch of pretty pink flowers in the pot by the front door.  I planted the same kind of flowers last year and they did really well.
Ginger photobombed.

On Wednesday we dropped Ginger off at the vet at 7:30 am.  They knocked her out, cut out three cysts, removed three hemangiomas from her belly, cleaned her teeth and pulled a tooth.
We picked her up at 3:00.  She was pretty out of it until the next day.
Do you see Elliott's little photobombing face in the corner?
Poor Ginger.  She's actually doing a really good job leaving her stitches alone, so she has been out of her cone a lot.


This is actually a before.  She has had this cyst for about a year.  It had been relatively small but started growing in the last month or so.  I was time for it to go.
Now it looks like we gave her a lobotomy.
On Friday Spencer tied his shoes really, really well.  He's been almost there for a few weeks, but he is an official shoe tier now.

I also spiked Elliott's hair (with just water, no hair product) and he went to look in the mirror about 77 times.

 Monica and Rick came over for brunch on Sunday.  Elliott was anti-social and sat at the little table all by himself.
He also sported a little blueberry mustache and goatee for us.

Today the flowers were looking even perkier, because they have gotten over their transplant shock.

I have also been working on some home decorating projects, since I am hosting a shower for Monica and Rick in less than two weeks.  I have to throw a certain number of parties every year or I would never get anything done around here.
Since we moved to this house I have never been happy with the top of the entertainment center in the family room. I moved stuff that we already had around and I'm 97% pleased with the result.
The red clock that is now on the entertaiment center came from the mantel.  I bought it before I painted the wall red and the red on red just wasn't working, so I put some flowers there.  I'm about 36% pleased with this, but I don't know how to fix it.
We watched John and Maryellen's doggie over the weekend and even though I said they didn't need to give us anything for it, they left us a gift card to Home Goods.  When they got home I dragged Maryellen with me and found this huge blue bottle.  I have very little blue in my home decor, but it matches the shutters in the painting.  I also plan on putting sunflowers in it and having it on the food buffet during the shower. 

Yeeeessssss!  Caught up!  


Valerie said...

Sniff...poor Ginger. I hope she's feeling back to her normal self now. I absolutely love the blue bottle that you got. What a great choice!!!

p.s. If you look at your pictures to the right, wow girlie! You look amazing now. Not that you didn't look good before or anything. Your hard work is DEFINITELY paying off.

Sherry said...

Oh my, poor Ginger! Wow, you were right about those pictures of her being gruesome. Yikes! I hope she heals us quickly, and I am sure she wants her pretty hair back. Okay, I LOVE those red glass bottles on the entertainment center. I have been telling Eddie for months that I really want a whole collection of pretty colored glass bottles and vases. You must have been reading my mind again, twin! I look at them all the time at Home Goods, but I just really don't have anywhere to put them right now. One day when I get rid of the kids' playroom and have a more formal space again, I will have so many plans to implement. :-) I also love the blue vase too. I have a small blue vase, but that one is just lovely. If you decide you don't want it, you know where to send it.

Sherry said...

Oh and the new blog address we decided on Just a little different, but I like it so much better. ;-)

Chelsea said...

I LOVE a little boy with spiked hair!

Cat said...

Nice decorating and yay on the shoe tying. :-)