Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bathroom re-do

Remember, last week, when I didn't have any new pictures of Elliott and I promised to take a whole bunch of him the next day?
Well, I didn't. 
Nor did I any day this week except Mother's Day.  There are no pictures of Spencer either.  I've been a bad blogger and picture taker this week.  There are two reasons for this.  Reason #1- I have been in total preparation mode for the couple's wedding shower I am hosting on Saturday.  Reason #2- we have been slowly re-doing the master bathroom.  We started in January and went into overdrive the past two weeks to get it done before the party.  The overdrive went into tripledrive this week.
I am awful, horrible, terrible when it comes to taking "before" pictures when doing a project.  I tend to jump right in and halfway through I think, "oh, I should have taken pictures before changing all of that".
This is the picture that was included in the home listing when we bought the house.
And this is the picture that I took the first time I ever saw the house. 
And here it is now! 
We painted, put up new light fixtures, took down the big mirror and put up three framed mirrors and took out the medicine cabinet and replaced it with a piece of canvas art.  We also took down the old towel bars and replaced them.  Oh, and the fancy clock is new.
See.  I don't have a picture of the actual medicine cabinet.  Just the hole that was left when we popped it out.
After.  Much better.
I hated the towel bars.  They were two tone (silver and gold) and hung way, way too high.
We put hooks next to the shower.
I don't have a before of this towel bar, but it was two tone and was placed about halfway down where the picture is now.  It was ridiculously high.
We added this towel ring.  There was nothing next to the sink before.
We actually put the curtains up in like February or March.
In the interest of full disclosure, this is what the counters usually look like.  Let's keep it real, people.
Do you see me hiding there in the closet?  I told you I was going to be wearing my mother's day shirt on Thursday.
I still plan on staining the cabinets and adding knobs/handles, but it is too hot to work in the garage now, so it will have to wait until this fall.  We also want to get new faucets, but they are expensive and we already spent all of the bathroom fund money.  Boo.
I'd also like to do something with this space under the cabinets.
Something like this.  Michael's dad assures me he could knock this out in one weekend.
I don't have a good picture of the shower.  It's there to the right of the tub.
I really, really, really want to rip out all of the tile and re-tile the bathroom.  When we do that (probably in, like, 12 years) I would like to rip out the shower and build a doorless walk-in shower.
I really like this one.
And this one intrigues me.
I like the idea of glass block, but not necessarily this glass block.
This one is much better. 


Maryellen said...

Your bathroom looks awesome!! I also really like your future plans.

Sherry said...

I love all the bathroom changes and the future plans are awesome too! We have very similar taste! I hate our current house's bathrooms. They are pretty similar to what yours looked like in the before pictures. Blah!

Cat said...

looking good, though I'm not sure about a doorless shower, I think I'd feel too exposed.