Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bargain shopping and teacher appreciation

First and foremost I need to mention that Elliott threw up about 3 inches from my head at 1 am this morning.  I was going to put a picture of him right here (in case you forgot what he looks like) but the poor, neglected child hasn't been photographed since Sunday, so I can't.  I'll make sure to take at least 46 pictures of him tomorrow.
I wanted to mention it because it is the first time, ever, that he has thrown up.  I think that's pretty remarkable.  I mean, he nearly died from sepsis and his liver failed in most of its function for a while, but until 1 am this morning he had never thrown up.  He's also never had an ear infection.  And I most certainly insured he will have an ear infection by next week by saying that.  He's also only had two fevers in his whole life.  One that he spiked (103 degrees) when he had sepsis and one for half a day last September when he had a little virus.
He wasn't even sick.  He actually sneezed, coughed and hiccuped at the same time in his sleep.  He gagged himself and then threw up all over the pillows.  It didn't even wake him up.  I, however, was wide awake and then Michael and I tag teamed the situation to get him and the bedding cleaned up. 
Grossness over.
Let's move on to my bargain shopping.
I stopped at Kohl's on Tuesday afternoon because I had a $5 Kohl's cash to spend.  Usually I go into Kohl's with my $5 Kohl's cash and leave having spent $50, but saving that all important $5.
This time, however, was so magnificent that I'm writing a blog post about it.
I found this little number.
Original price: $54.00
Sale price: $5.40
Plus tax: $5.43
Minus Kohl's Cash: 43 cents
I bought a shirt for 43 cents!
This week has been teacher appreciation week.  We haven't given Spencer's teacher anything all week.  #1.  She was at a conference on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I just didn't feel it was necessary to send stuff to her if she wasn't even there.  #2. I just didn't get anything planned or ready for today.
But, we will redeem ourselves with this baby tomorrow.
I bought this fun little jar at Kirkland's.
Then I printed out this cute little printable and Spencer wrote a letter on the other side of it.  We put it in the jar with a Starbucks gift card.
I think anybody, teacher or not, would enjoy this!


Sherry said...

Similarly, Brody is the king of gagging himself and making himself throw up. It has been a pretty big annoyance throughout his life. He has rarely been sick at all, but he will either shove his fingers to far into his mouth or shove to much food into his mouth (piggy) and just empty the entire contents of his stomach out. Ugh. It has happened in public places and at school too. We have had to pick him up from school when he wasn't even sick because of course they can't keep him if he threw up. Ugh. And the cleaning it up in the middle of the night is no fun at all because I do not do well waking up from sleep in the middle of the night. I feel your pain. But yay for sparkly shirts for 43 cents. I have a Kohl's gift card that I need to spend so I need to go see if I can find this shirt so we can really be twins. :-) I did help the boys make cards for their teachers last week, but I have to do something for them for the end of the year to make up for not doing more. There was just no time. Sigh again.

Jeannette said...

Ellie does that gaggy vomiting thing sometimes when she gets herself too worked up and crying. It's pretty freaking awesome and totally calms her down... :(
Speaking of freaking awesome for real though, nice Kohl's deal! I just scored an awesome deal on a carseat from them online, but it's no 43 cent shirt. :)