Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday. Oh, Monday.

I have had a hard time getting back to my exercise routine after the holidays.  I had a minor surgical procedure done the week before Christmas and wasn't allowed to work out for three weeks. I was given the OK on January 9th and did my first work out on the 10th. I nearly died. 
I have also been working 3 days a week instead of 2 days a week this month.  That means I lose my work-out time on Fridays.  I've got 2 more Fridays to get all caught up (I got an insane number of evaluation referrals after Christmas break) and then I will get back to my regular work schedule which will help.
So anyway.  I bought 2 new DVDs last week.  I did levels 1 and 2 of this today. 
While I was doing this Elliott SHOULD have been sleeping.  He wasn't.  Let me repeat, he should have been.  He apparently didn't know that.
He got a haircut in the morning that was one of his worst haircuts ever.  Not the actual haircut, but his behavior.  He acted like beavers were trying to gnaw through his limbs.  He totally wore himself out with his kicking and screaming.  I was totally expecting deep, blissful, quiet sleep but instead he varied between crying, calling for me and talking to Elmo for 2 hours.
So you can imagine what our afternoon and evening was like.
This was the result of me telling him he couldn't take forks and spoons out of the drawer while I made dinner.

He also threw himself on the floor and cried, in a very similar manner, when I went to pay for the haircut.  I just didn't take pictures.  But just imagine this kid (in a different outfit) in a public place with lots of people watching.
Simple carbohydrates for dinner made everything better.  The rest of the family had grilled chicken and roasted cauliflower, but that wasn't agreeable to the delicate prince.
He also insisted on dinner on daddy's lap.  No high chairs for this over-tired child.

Spencer was in good spirits because I bought him new pajamas today.  His eczema has been horrible and it doesn't help that he keeps taking his pajamas off during the night because he says he is hot.  Then all his creams just get rubbed off and absorbed by the sheets.  I thought some new, light jammies might help. 

After dinner I asked Elliott if we could take a picture of his outfit.  I bought this outfit for Spencer when he was 2 and he only wore it once or twice because he had been recently potty-trained and insisted that anything with snaps in the crotch was for babies.
We played outside this afternoon and it was warm enough that it was almost hot, so the shorts were totally appropriate.

2-year old Spencer in the same outfit. 

Elliott and I went to Kohls before his haircut which is where I found Spencer's pajamas.  I didn't notice until we got home that the top is a Size 6 Angry Birds Star Wars print and the bottoms are a Size 8 Legos Star Wars print.  Oh well, they were $6 and he loves them.

Right after this last picture we stuck Elliott in the shower, dried him off, stuck him in pajamas and stuck him in bed.  He screamed and cried and fell asleep in less than 2 minutes. 
Here's hoping for a better Tuesday!


Jeannette said...

I don't think I've told you this yet, but my favorite thing about Elliott's meltdown pics are that you get down on the floor to really capture the emotion from the right angle. That's dedication.

He looks beyond happy and about 4 years old with that bagel.

Spencer just cracks me up, by the way.

I hope your Tuesday is going better!

Michael said...

Tuesday update:

Day #2 of not sleeping during his nap. Not much crying, but he did at times pretend to be having a phone conversation. On the bright side, there were no meltdowns yesterday!