Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas morning and day were awesome.  We are very blessed that we have children that will sleep later in the morning if they went to bed later the night before.  I think we all got up a little bit before 8:00.

First things first.

We had to find Winston!
He was sitting on a bookshelf by the tree.  And he had a surprise.

He had returned the letter that Spencer sent to Santa, including a note (presumably in Santa's handwriting) that the order was fulfilled and should be delivered to Tucson, AZ. 
This kid was delighted!
This kid just wanted milk.
There were obligatory pictures first,

and then it was time for stockings and presents!
Nick was showing off the glue stick that our father thoughtfully included in our stockings.
Elliott got puffs in his stocking.  I'm not sure why my mom was showing them.  It made sense at the time.

Spencer had a highly Star Wars themed day.

Pretty much my favorite picture of the season.
After breakfast, some play time and a small lunch we all took naps.  Except Spencer.  He could probably go a good 27 hours without sleep and still be fairly functional.
Then we all headed to Michael's parents house for MORE presents and Christmas dinner.
Our photographer had some centering issues.

Spencer took the next 3 pictures.

I have to tell you a story about my top.  My mom gave it to me for Christmas in 2004 or 2005.  I had NEVER worn it before this year.  It has been hanging in my closet for all of these years and I have moved it to new homes 3 times.  I always felt it was pretty, but a little, um, mature.  Basically I thought I was too young for such a look. 
I pulled it out at the beginning of December and suddenly had a new found respect for it.  I actually love it and wore it many times this season.  I think that I have officially declared that I am old.
I call this one grey, greyer and greyest.

Elliott opening his little Mickey Mouse couch. 

We got Michael's parents 650 pounds of chocolate.  I intended on eating about half of it but I didn't have a single piece.  Maybe they will save some for me for Valentine's day when I take my next Whole 30 break.
Ginger was worn out and took a nap, literally, on the holiday decorations.
Elliott played with his new toy cars going around and around and around the coffee table for a good 20 minutes.
Back at my parents house that night Spencer wanted to send a thank you note to Santa via Winston.
He was also concerned that Winston would be hungry on his way back home so we left some more cookies.  It warms my heart that he is already so caring and considerate and wrapped up with etiquette.
And just like that Christmas was over! 


Sherry said...

Man, you guys packed a lot into your Christmas day! I love all the fun and that you guys took so many family shots. Sadly, we did not take any. I guess I thought we'd get someone to take one at some point, but then I just didn't think about it in the moment. Fail! And I loved reading all your comments on my blog, but I hated that you had to sit and read through all those posts. That must have been so boring. Haha! And Spencer's love of Star Wars reminds me again that not only are we so similar, but our boys are too! :-)

Cat said...

It looks like you had a good Christmas--and look I finally read your Christmas post before Valentine's Day. :)