Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day, Arizona's Birthday and Houseiversary

Man. We had a lot to celebrate today. No wonder I'm so tired tonight.

We started the day at my mom and dad's. Gramme gave Spencer a couple valentine treats- a banana and a light up heart thingy (I have no idea what you call that thing).

Then it was off to Michael's parents house for breakfast. We had to take pictures before Spencer got food all over his white shirt. This is one of about five pictures with Spencer not looking at the camera.

Here's my cutie. We bought the shirt at Old Navy on Friday for 50% off. After today it'll become a sleep shirt. Michael was talking to his parents on Saturday about eating breakfast with them on Sunday. They asked what we wanted. I JOKINGLY said heart shaped pancakes and raspberry sauce. I was JOKING.

So, this is my breakfast cooking.
Not only did I get a heart shaped pancake (that was the size of an elephant's heart) and raspberry sauce, but I also got blueberry sauce and whipped cream. I came nowhere near eating the whole thing.I think the next time I'm asked what I want for breakfast I will answer, $100,000.

After breakfast Michael and I went to see Avatar 3-D. It was excellent. My only complaint was the selfish couple who brought their (NOISY) 1 and 3 year olds. If I wanted to spend time with a little boy I would have STAYED HOME.

Avatar is like 7 hours long and Spencer was napping by the time it was over. We didn't want to wake him up with our arrival so we went to the Arizona Birthday Party my brother was hosting.

Nick really knows how to throw a statehood party.

There was a cake,8 people in a dive bar,and party hats. After my dad reviewed Arizona's ENTIRE history, in detail, we went to reunite with our son. It makes a mamma's heart so happy to see her baby sleeping like this. We finally made it back to my parent's house for dinner. During dinner we discussed the fact the we moved into the house where they still live on Valentine's Day 1985. It was the 25th Houseiversary!

This definitely called for champagne! Step 1. Unscrew the little metal cage covering the cork.Step 2. Make this simultaneously horrible and hilarious face when the cork blows up in your face and hits the ceiling which is a good 18 feet above you at the exact second your daughter takes a picture.Step 3. Crop the miraculously timed picture so the hideous/hilarious face is zoomed. Laugh. Repeat.
Happy 25th Houseiversary House!Whew. What a day. Elephant heart pancakes, Avatars, a dive bar, AZ statehood cake and a near face transplant for my dad. I don't know what ranks as the highlight of the day. Votes?


The Yager Family said...

My vote is for your dad's face picture, for sure.
I am laughing out loud right now. LOVE IT!
Great post and it looks like a GREAT day!

lady of leisure said...

Yes that picture of your dad is just classic!!!

Maryellen said...

I loved your Valentine's re-cap. You made me laugh at least three times. You also look really pretty in your family foto.


Laura said...

the face the face the face - fo sho! :)
BTW, LOVE the valentine shirt pic os Spencer. What a DOLL!